field of crocheted flowers

While waiting in line at the check out the other night I aimlessly flicked through the latest issue of the Australian Better Homes & Gardens magazine (June). The page above had my attention in a heart beat, firstly I loved the concept of a rug littered with 480 crocheted flowers (yes! 480 flowers make up that rug), it requires 60 balls of wool to make and Tara has used one of my favourite brands of wool ‘Basics Pure Wool 8-ply’ (50g) which is available at Spotlight stores in Australia. Secondly I thought only a crazy person would make that, place it on the floor and let everyone walk all over it! Of course I was tempted to do crazy, if only I had a spare room, I’d cover the whole floor in a mass of crocheted loveliness. But no, no spare room to go crazy in so the next best thing was to hook a few flowers and cover a cushion with them.

I purchased a plain cushion from Best & Less for this project. I have also adapted Tara’s pattern to suit my on style. Tara begins her flowers with a magic circle and works a few rounds of htr. Htr’s to me are half there and half not, in between a dc and a tr. Useful when sculpting a nice crocheted rose petal, but for these flowers I was able to eliminate a round by working tr’s, and as for magic circle’s they have their place, but for this flower I began with 6 ch and continued as usual. My method produces a hexagon centre, where as Tara’s method forms a more closed centre. From there I worked the 6 petals and one flower was made!

If you tune into channel 7 this Friday night at 7.30pm you can watch Tara create a riot of crocheted colour for the floor no less!

Leave a comment and tell me, would you make this project and place it on your living room floor? yes/no.


59 Comments on “field of crocheted flowers

  1. That’s an overwhelming number of gorgeous flowers. I’m a brand new crocheter and I would definitely NOT put it on my floor.

  2. No way would I put it on the floor and let everyone walk over that loveliness!!!

  3. Thanks for the headsup Sarah! I will get a copy of the mag too. They look like great flowers!

  4. What a great idea… but after you saying it, I don’t think I could let it be walked all over too (and chewed on by the dog). I like your idea way better… can’t wait to see how it looks!

  5. Call me crazy, but I definitely would put it on the floor! If the floor in question was for bare feet/ sock feet only. (-:

    Love your colours!

  6. I’d make a smaller version of this I think…………… A rug for the floor beside my bed, then each morning as I stepped out of bed, I’d be stepping on a carpet of flowers……………….. I love that idea! Yep, rug for the floor beside my bed is going to have to be my next project!
    Love Vanessa x (do you mind if i knit)

  7. Nope….but I love the cushion concept….I’m a little obsessed with crocheted flowers at the moment so this could put them to good use…

    Tam xo

    PS. Thanks for sharing your pattern…I agree with you about the hdc by the way…

  8. Oooo…I definitely would put it on my floor, wool is indestructible : )
    I have a whole bag of leftover wool bits from an afghan project that I hope to make into a coil rug this summer.
    Smiles, DianeM

  9. that rug is fantastic! i would put it on the floor except that i have pets and the pet hair would be horrifying to get rid of.

    i think it would make a great headboard for a bed.

  10. Doesn’t matter whether I’d want to cover the floow in crocheted flowers – there’s no way my DH would allow me to! And I don’t have the excuse of a spare room either!

  11. I love Vanessa’s idea for a bedside rug and Maryse’s headboard idea. What about a wall hanging (if you could figure out how to keep gravity from drooping the flowers)? I can see this in pinks, yellows, and purples for a girl’s room. Lovely however you do it!


  12. It’s really a lot of work for something that would get dirty… I worry that it would have to be washed and would fall apart when it was. Maybe if I had a household that was very, very good about always taking shoes off, I would consider making it and putting it in a low-traffic area. Or hanging it on a wall…

  13. PS… I wouldn’t make it out of wool. I’d make it in acrylic. Harder-wearing and better-washing.

  14. Can you please tell me who the designer is for this rug? I’m in the US and would like to try and find her patterns. Thanks!!

  15. I love it! I would put that everywhere… on my floor, my bed, my wall! Great pattern for all those leftovers…

  16. I also live in the US and would love to have the pattern for this rug. Our Better Homes and Gardens June issue apparently is not the same as yours – wonder why that is. Can you offer any suggestions??

  17. oh you just inspired me with your post, I will make a flower rug, I must!
    thank you

  18. I would make it and put it on the floor…but only in a superwash wool or acrylic. The dog hair alone would make the poor thing go in the washer every other week or so. Love your colors and the original colors!

  19. unfortunately there is no mention of the designers name in the article, perhaps contact the magazine for more info re: designer.

  20. Right now, no stinkin’ way. But after my wonderful cat leaves us and my girls move out, I’ll think about it. I love those three dearly, but they sure do wreak havoc on carpets and furniture…

  21. I mean I said I will make it but from acrylic yarn, I cant imagine putting pure wool on the floor 😉

  22. oh my goodness… I love it 🙂 Must remember to buy BHG tomorrow!

  23. forgot to answer your question – yes, probably – but not where it would get a lot of foot traffic. I like your idea of adapting the idea for a cushion.

  24. In the right bedroom, on the right floor! Imagine sinking your toes into that warm softness on a winter’s morning! But I haven’t got the right bedroom with the right floor! So a cushion cover would be more for me!

    Only just discovered your blog. It is just great – thank you for sharing!

  25. A baby blanket or an afghan made of these beautiful flowers would be perfect, but no foot shall walk upon them.
    I will try your modification:) thank you

  26. I agree with Vanessa, I would make a small rug for myself to step on but I wouldn’t put that much time into something that would get stained and chewed on by the dog and cats. but i think the flowers would be lovely on a bedspread!

  27. This rug is beautiful, I am going to go buy the magazine later. It might be a bit crazy but I would make a rug. Perhaps it would belong in the bedroom or another room for a while where it is unlikely to be trampled by dirty shoes. I think I would probably answer this question very differently if I had children.

  28. I love these flowers and have started making some. Not to put on the floor though. Rather my goal is an afghan. My question, is how to attatch the flowers to one another. I can’t get the Australian BH&G and I can’t find the pattern on their website. Can you help by any chance?

  29. This is the reason I don’t know if I will ever be able to make a nice rug for my home. I wouldn’t be able to stand to let people walk on it!

  30. Yes!! and I am working on one for a few weeks now.
    have 400 flowers all ready. even thinking of making it a bit bigger.
    I chose more settle colors of green, brown and red.

  31. I’m going to try and make a smaller version of this carpet for my daughter’s room. I’m wondering how the flowers should be joined, as the photo appears to show them sticking up and quite haphazard. Perhaps it would be easiest to sew them onto a backing so some sort? I’d love to hear suggestions.

  32. I love this! Where can I find the pattern? I’ve searched the BH&G website with no luck.


  33. I would SO make this, but no-one would EVER be allowed to walk on it 🙂 Wall hanging, sofa drape, something, but not a rug!

  34. I too saw this on BH&G and fell in love with the amazing colour & texture of this rug … a true talking piece! However, this colour would not be suited to my place so I adapted to earthy tones and have just completed the 480 flowers!!! The secret … DELEGATE! I’m now laying out the flowers trying to decide on the colour pattern. This will be a rug, however am wondering how I can possibly keep it clean? It won’t get any use as it will be in a room where no one walks however, this is still a thought to ponder …

  35. I don’t think i will make it into a floor rug but into a bed spread

  36. I am going to attempt it (with help from good old Mum!!) I am doing a rug for my nursery (under the cot) in pinks, creams and greens. This will be interesting!!!

  37. where can i get a copy of this flower pattern? i had the magazine but my little brother and sister lost it on me! i really really want to make this rug!

  38. I learnt how to crochet just to do this rug. It took me a year to complete and give to my daughter and soninlaw as a wedding present, terrified that he would look at it, smile through gritted teeth and hate it. Had to put it in one of those vacum bags to take overseas for their wedding. Their faces when they opened it was everything I hoped for. I know they appreciated that I had never done anything in my life like this before and it was a hand made gift. They have used it as a wall hanging which is very sensible idea as they have a dog and 2 cats.

  39. This beauty reminds me of my paternal grand-mother’s recycled rugs; back in the early 20th century, on a struggling farm in G-D of Luxembourg. She saved the unworn backs of the woolen overcoats the men wore in those days. She would embroider or crochet colourful lines to make a square grid and then add flowers in each centre. These were used as bedside rugs. We still used them in the fifties. To my everlasting regret I never kept any.
    As to putting wool on a floor… most good carpets are woven from pure wool. Have a beautiful tribal rug from the middle east and it enjoys being walked on! It is, of course, of sturdier manufacter this Field of Flowers! Thanks for sharing.

  40. I want to make the field of crochet flowers rug, but don’t know where to find the pattern, please help.

  41. would like the crochet pattern flower

  42. I had the pattern for the field of flowers floor rug I put it in a safe place so that when we moved to the country I would crochet it, but I cant find the magazine I every other copy of BH&G from 2007 thru to today can anyone help me with a copy of the pattern. Thanks Lone

  43. Does anyone have the pattern for this? Thank you!

  44. You could do what I did… borrow that copy from your public library. 🙂

  45. Thank you for the reply Jacqueline, it would not be available in Hong Kong library! I guess I’ll need to wait for my next trip to Sydney. 🙂

    Thanks again!

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  47. Oooh, what an amazing rug. 😀 I would have put it on my floor. How do you stitch the flowers together, Sarah? I liked your way of doing the flower, are you willing to share your pattern?

  48. Love these flowers. They can be used with lots of imagination any which way. On the cough, on the floor. On the handbag and many other ways. It is a nice idea. I seen in Blazing Hooks. The pattern would be lovely to have.

    Thanks for showing it at least.


  49. So funny, I was coughing and wrote cough instead of cough! ROFL.


  50. It would be amazing to have this pattern. I would even buy it…just stumbled across it the other day and LOVE it!!!!

  51. Well I did it! I fell in love with this beautiful rug when I saw it on the show. I have never crotcheted before so had a friend teach me and then it just took a few practice flowers and then off I went. Do not be put off if you haven’t crocheted before because after about about 20 you will have it down pat! I gave it to my daughter for a wedding present and she has it as a wall hanging.
    The hardest work is not doing the flowers it is sewing them all to the backing…have big table set up that you can leave up.
    Have fun, Anne

  52. Oh I LOVE the IDEA of it being on my floor, but with 4 long haired dogs……..NOT A CHNACE. How about a blanket of flowers on the bed. First flower done. Just 479 to go.

  53. hi Sarah, I htink this is awesome! i might have to make the attempt myself! but would love a pattern to follow, esp as i’ve never made a flower. If you are able to share your flower pattern (in a bit more detail) that would be great! t hanks for sharing this project with us! 🙂

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