Wool-Eater Motif CAL :: Week 2

I’ve worked another 3 motifs! I’m a bit ‘iffy’ on incorporating the deep navy . . . but I’m loving navy at the moment, so that motif will be included!

With a few motifs made, it’s now time to begin joining!


Select your first motif and complete in pattern formation with your chosen ‘joining’ colour. I’ve opted for a fluoro yellow.


Next, select your second motif and work in pattern formation as shown in photo below (work 6 dtr in corner) . . .


Insert hook directly in the centre of the 12 dtr corner of first motif.

(Sl st, ch 1, work 6 dtr into corner of second motif) . . .


Corner completed as pictured below.


Continue working in pattern formation,

(work 4 dtr, sl st into centre of the 8 dtr of first motif, ch 1, work 4 dtr into second motif) . . .


One side ‘join’ completed as shown below.


Continue joining as before. Once corner has been joined work in normal pattern formation for remainder of motif.


I decided on a rectangular blanket and will make it with 5 motifs across by 7 down I’m thinking.

A total of 6 motifs joined thus far!


Pop over to our group and share your progress!


6 Comments on “Wool-Eater Motif CAL :: Week 2

  1. You are pure genius Ms Sarah! PURE. GENIUS.

  2. Sarah your color combinations are absolutely amazing! You should write a book about “seeing” color and teach us how you do it!

    I posted about my first finished motif on my blog – http://imacupcake999.blogspot.com/ I’m really having a lot of fun with this – it’s so motivating 😉

  3. Thank you so informative and inspirational

  4. Good evening ladies, i have just learned to crochet in the last 6 months and although i am not in your league with big blankets i have made a sleeping bag with hood for a new baby, little crocheted shoes, a matinee coat, a rose flower granny squares pram blanket and a big shawl/blanket. I am loving it and wished that my mum had succeeded in being able to teach me 42 years ago, but i am left handed which creates problems. But can i just say how much i love each of your wonderful creations. Your ides in colour scheme is lovely for different reasons for each of you. Sarah’s because of her daring in the use of colour, Anne-Christine because i just love red and using it with black and white just makes it pop and last but not least Karen for her soft blending through the rainbow in the pastel shades.

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