Oblong Wool-Eater Blanket

OK, just to throw a spanner in the works just days before our Wool-Eater CAL officially begins, I’ve quickly written up the pattern for an Oblong Wool-Eater. I’ve had many requests over the time to write a tutorial and I thought now is the perfect time!

So, now you have the option of hooking a square Wool-Eater or an oblong Wool-Eater blanket! Oh, decisions, decisions!

Click here to be taken direct to the FREE pattern!

It’s so great to have so many joining in, I’m excited to see the progression of each blanket! Colour overload I’m thinking!


10 Comments on “Oblong Wool-Eater Blanket

  1. I am allergic to wool. Possibility of other yarns?

  2. Thanks so much for the oblong Wool-Eater Blanket. It will work wonderful for blankies that can be used for cribs, strollers and anything else you can think of!

  3. Lovely! Thank you so much for writting this pattern Sarah and sharing it so freely!
    looking forward to starting my wool eater CAL 🙂

  4. Oh gosh. I’m like 12 color rounds into my square wool-eater blanket & now I wish I cold rip it all out & make the oblong one instead! Either way, I’m very glad this now exists and hopefully someday I will be working on this! Thanks for all your beautiful patterns!

  5. I’ve started my Oblong Wool-Eater. Making it for a friend. I don’t have a camera to take pics. But, I’ll certainly keep following along and let you know my progress.
    Thank you Sarah for this wonderful pattern.

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