Wool-Eater CAL :: Week 1

I’m over the moon to see so many fabulous people have signed up for the Wool-Eater CAL for 2012!

Of course, if you have been thinking about it, it’s not too late, you are more than welcome to join in at any time.

So over the course of last week we set about deciding on colours!

Many will have structured colour schemes in place, as colour repetition serves this pattern well. Me, well I’m determined to use up as many oddments of yarn from my stash as possible.

Next there was the decision of square or oblong. I’m thinking I’ll continue working on the oblong sample piece I made last weekend whilst I was writing up the pattern.

How about you, did you decide to hook the square or the oblong?

Are you using the yarn from your stash or going for a more structured look?

Well, without further ado . . .

WELCOME, one and all to the Wool-Eater CAL of 2012, hooks at the ready, let the fun begin!

This week we are aiming to hook 6 rounds of our blanket. DO NOT stress if you find other commitments pop up through the course of the week, please just work at your own pace.

We are here to nurture and encourage not judge!

Please link to your progress in the comments section of this post and make sure to upload your pics over in our Flickr group!

Happy Hooking!


29 Comments on “Wool-Eater CAL :: Week 1

  1. In my mind: a “green” blanket. I started with the square and it is reall easy (after some “training”). i’m happy!

  2. I’ve been practising with a square but I think I’m going to go for the oblong blanket made with a random selection of yarns!! I’m probably going to make the square into a cushion cover. I love the pattern and it’s very addictive! Thanks, Maggie, Daisy Patchwork

  3. I plan on creating an oblong blanket – still undecided on colors – but I am determined to have my first 6 rounds done by next Wednesday. This is going to be a fun project!

  4. I started my oblong wool-eater on Monday. I made it through 3 rounds – just enough to learn the pattern. I plan on using up some of my stash, so it should be very colorful. I’m starting with Caron Simply Soft pastels, and I’m using a G hook – we’ll see how far that takes me.
    Will this be registered as a CAL on Ravelry?

  5. I want to join too! I have to add the project to my ravelry. I’m doing the oblong because I like how the colors look in longer stripes. I’m going to try to use up whatever I have around.

  6. Oh, I’m going to have to jump in on this one too! It’s lovely! But I can’t decide if I want to do the square or the oblong! Decisions, decisions! πŸ™‚

  7. I’m going to try a square one, but saved the oblong one for later. going to grab some yarn later on my “crochet break” and start on my six rounds. I just realized when looking over the schedule that the cal ends on my birthday.
    Can’t wait to see everybody’s pictures, will join flickr later, so I can post my pictures.


  8. I am really excited about this CAL! I’ve been practicing but my stitches look so much larger than yours so I think I need to choose a yarn that is not so bulky, even though I am using a worsted weight and a smaller hook. I am going today to shop for different yarn! Although I can’t decide on oblong or square. Perhaps I will have to do both..lol. I think I’ll start with the square one though!

    Thanks for the inspiration to get this going for all of us. Breaking it down makes it seem easy to tackle!

  9. I have a whole bin full of “scrap” (is there really such a thing???) yarn and will be using as much of those balls as possible. Will end up rather psychedelic!

  10. I’m excited about trying this pattern. It looks great and the colors are wonderful!

  11. I’m doing the oblong blanket in bright cheery colors for project linus. Some little on at the hospital will get this one. I also happy that my sister taught me to really look at the stitches and how they were constructed.. She can pick up something at a yard sale and figure out how to make it. I’m not quite there but I’m learning. Well I figured out that US/UK stitches are not quite the same! I googled and found a conversion chart. I love learning something new…especially when I catch on myself instead of calling my sister.

  12. I am planning on the oblong but haven’t decided on colors yet. Busy week for me so not sure I will get it started or not. Thanks for the new oblong pattern. Love it!

  13. I am sticking with the square, I am making mine for my 10 year old daughter, we have chosen the colours and I have made a start. I am so looking forward to this, thanks Sarah. Jodie

  14. Where are the directions? I must have missed that post. I’ve just joined your blog.

  15. I’m doing the oblong one for something new and different…plus I like that shape for an afghan. Already made a square one a couple years ago. I’ve also made potholders out of the squares. So the oblong it is. πŸ™‚ I started mine last night. I am using a mish-mash of yarns already on hand. Trying to use up a bunch of stash in 2012…and this afghan will help with that. πŸ™‚

  16. β™« .β™₯.β€’* β˜…Β¨`*β€’β™«.β€’Β΄*.ΒΈ.β€’Β΄β™₯ β™«
    β˜€ FelΓ­z β˜€ DΓ­a β˜€ Amigos! β˜€β˜€
    β™« .β™₯.β€’* β˜€Β¨`*β€’β™«.β€’Β΄*.ΒΈβ˜€.β€’Β΄β™₯
    β”Š β”Šβ”Š β”Šβ˜€β”Š β”Š β”Šβ”Š β˜€Ω‡
    Ω‡β”Š β˜€ β”Š β”Š ΰ½²β™₯ΰΎ€
    β˜€ β”Šβ”Š β˜€Ω‡
    Ω‡β”Š β˜€

  17. I just finished my first 6 rounds last night. I like the colors so far, and I hope that when it’s finished the colors complement each other. I’m working on a square one for this CAL. I am planning on working an oblong one with my scraps after this. So far this has been FUN!

  18. I would love to join, but I am working on another project right now ! would it be too late to join later on?

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  20. I’m in πŸ™‚ although I’ve started late so I have some catching up to do, my colours aren’t going to be an amazing match as they are all from my stash , but I’m sure my little boy will appreciate his first real afghan for his new bed πŸ™‚ If you want to see some of the stuff I’ve been up to my blog is … http://wooladdict.wordpress.com/ I’ve looked back at some of the stuff I’ve made on there and thank goodness I’ve improved. I will post some pics of my mushrooms up at some point but if anyones interested they are mario mushrooms and I sell them on etsy. http://www.etsy.com/listing/92952329/mario-mushrooms I look forward to sharing my first ever crochet along with you all xx

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