april 21

We strolled all the way to Soho along Broadway taking in the sights & the sounds!

The Flatiron was amazing!

We popped into ABC Carpet & Home.

Loved, loved the upholstered furniture!

The sofa below was spotted at The Conran Shop.

Finally we made it to Soho and found Kate Spade & Purl!

Loving the Kate Spade packaging!

I guess you’d like to take a peek inside the boxes, right! Well, I couldn’t resist a few pairs of sparkling drop earrings and of course a ring to match!

A bangle engraved inside with, as good as gold managed to find it’s way onto my wrist too!

And I couldn’t leave without the perfect red lipstick and a sampling of Twirl.

A new wallet was on my list of to purchase, so a plain black Kate Spade wallet made it’s way home with me too.

We had just enough time to run into Purl and have a quick look, but had to quickly catch a Taxi back to the Hotel to meet for a guided tour of Art Under NYC and ride the Subway for the first time! Purl would still be there tomorrow.

Later that night we dined at The Loeb Boathouse in Central Park . . . was amazing!

7 Comments on “april 21

  1. I looooooove that Kate Spade packaging, as well!! Would have bought something just to get those boxes. Loving your travelogue 🙂

  2. Hi Sarah I love reading your blog I have been a follower for a while. I have to ask how do you do the photos in a group they look great.

  3. That furniture is gorgeous! I love it! And the boxes your Kate Spade goodies came in. Sounds like you had a great time!

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