hold your horses!

OMG, take a breath, take a deep breath and slowly exhale, please. Stop for a moment as you merrily tap tap tap on your keyboard, before you send imperious malevolence words out into cyberspace.

If you are like me and only have time to frequent Ravelry every New Moon then you may have missed the inferno a select few, ignited, on the Crochet-a-Rainbow forum.

Ok, quickly, run over now and take a peek if you feel driven too. I’ll wait for you to come back before I continue.

Now read, don’t skim.

Who recalls what the one word I have continually spoken regarding Crochet-a-Rainbow? Anyone remember? It was patience, let me say it again, perhaps a little louder, P.A.T.I.E.N.C.E.

Many of you were aware that my dance card for the beginning of this year was going to be full, full to the brim and even to the point of overflowing.

With that in mind you may also recall that I stated that Crochet-a-Rainbow would run for the duration of 2011. That is, I would be accepting donations of Granny Squares through out the year and that the blankets would be made and distributed accordingly.

Who also recalls due to the massive influx of generously donated Squares that there came a point when the shipping address was not generated and a waiting list was formed, standing by, for the second intake.

So now that we’ve done a recap let’s address a few things.

Unfortunately due to the enormous scale of people participating I can not email and thank each and every one of you individually for your contribution/s at this time. In the first few weeks, yes, I did send as many ‘thank you’ emails as possible. Who would like to take a look at the accumulation of mail I have. Here you go, yes, that’s 3633 emails banked up.

Right next to that you’ll also see I have 2156 posts from my favourite Blogs in my Reader, unread. I’ll thoroughly enjoy reading each entry when I have the luxury of bountiful time.

Now, let’s address the issue of Proof of Life. Again, unfortunately I can not take individual photographs of the contents of every parcel that arrives. Yes, in the first few weeks I snapped and snapped each collection of Squares that arrived, but again with the magnitude of squares arriving, photographing became impassable and the Crochet-A-Rainbow group was created on Flickr for you to upload your own photos. What I could do though was take a sampling of ‘group photos’ regrettably, no portraits.

The question on everyone’s lips, it seems, even on the lips of those not involved in Crochet-a-Rainbow (which seems outlandish to me, why one would be SO concerned in something that they are not participating in, I think a little leveraging is in motion there) however, is just how many Granny Squares have munificently been donated? A guessing competition, naturally, with a prize for the one with the correct guess was to be orchestrated. With impatient people sprouting off there will now be no party games (sob). So drumroll please, without further ado, 9,138 Granny Squares have been kindly donated, shipped from numerous continents across the globe. This is an OUTSTANDING accomplishment, to achieve this number in such a short period of time is amazing, a well deserved ‘high 5’ to each and everyone of you! You should all feel extremely proud of yourselves.

Now, next on the agenda and a hot topic is Proof of Life of actual finished blankets. I have actually posted photos of some of the blankets in a piled up format. Unfortunately this form of photo was mocked, apparently. Each and everyone of us has a certain signature style with our photography and how we present it. (I’ve noticed snippets of criticism floating around BlogWorld recently, something about people donning on Cardi’s blahblahblah, totally unrelated in this instance). Anyway, we all have our default photo mode, our own style, sneering at the arrangement of a photograph, unless of course you are judging a photography competition would be just plain wrong in my opinion. Layering my photos with a splattering of fluttering butterflies is just not me, sorry. I understand that a ‘flat shot’ of each blanket would be desirable, and when time and weather permits your wish will be granted, again, patience.

Moving right along and onto distribution. It has been said before, and I’ll repeat it again, the blankets will be going to Queensland and Victoria (Australia), New Zealand and Japan. I have had many offers of help when it comes to distributing the blankets. We have contacts in each country. When we reach the quantity of finished blankets for each shipment they will be disbursed. It was hardly plausible that we were going to have blankets in each disaster zone in the first instance of each disaster. I am not World Vision or The Red Cross. The intention and my wish/vision was, that once the lives of those tragically affected, slowly began to return to somewhat normality, that the gift of a crocheted granny square blanket would be welcomed, to provide comfort and colour, and as a everlasting reminder that there is always a rainbow after a storm. It takes time to rebuild lives, whilst the rebuilding is evolving, we can busy ourselves by hooking blankets, blankets of hope.

Now I’m going to chime in here and share my opinion when it comes to giving.

Some of you may or may not know that I support quite a few charities.

I like to give in two ways. One financially (I am fortunate that at this point in my life I am able) and secondly by giving something made by hand. At the moment this is how I’m giving back.

Financially, I sponsor a child who lives in Botswana. His name is Kevin.

Financially, I also lend money to others via Kiva. As repayments are made, I disperse the funds back, so as to help empower and improve more and more lives.

Made by hand, I’m currently supporting KOGO Knit One, Give One, again this year.

Earlier this year I quickly hooked a handful of caps for the Save the Children, Caps for Good campaign.

In doing this I do not expect nor demand that any of the organisations I support continually update me. I give freely of my money and my made by hand items. I do not need to identify the cap I crocheted on the head of a baby. I send it out into the Universe, to find it’s way, to do it’s thing, faith and a trusting soul is the essence.

Man, o man this post is long.

I’m going to move in a different direction now and post and respond briefly to an entry posted to the discussion board.

The below passage was tapped out on the keyboard by Carolyn and posted on Ravelry,

The rain came down and the floods came up, and the images were flashed around the world, day after day. Cyclone Yasi came and lashed with more fury. We listened all night to our radios, and watched the images on our Televisions, of people clinging on to their rooftops, hanging on to branches of trees, houses being swept away, little children to Nana’s and Grandad’s being taken by this vicious wall of water, lives being lost, gone forever.

We prayed for it to stop. We cried, and we cried more.

SOMETIMES, words just aren’t enough. No matter how heartfelt, how genuine – they feel – hollow, insufficient, completely inadequate. We wanted to do SOMETHING – anything, how could we help?

Then we found a Group on Ravelry called Crochet a Rainbow, where we were invited to make Granny squares and send them to Sarah London, and these Squares would be made into Blankets and distributed to the Flood victims. People from around the world have made Squares, by the hundreds and thousands, and sent them to Sarah. There has been no communication except for Sarah sharing her holiday in NYC, something not too well thought out to post about, when others don’t have a home to live in and can’t receive any Insurance, and the Granny Square makers are waiting to see the end result of their Granny Squares.

We were all so excited that we could help a little, and folk who had never even crochet a Granny square before, taught themselves how to make them, and sent them off, and then waiting and waiting, hopeful to see their Squares in a Blanket – somewhere. We all made those squares with love, and it would be nice to know that someone is a little warmer tonight because of the few squares I sent and they were added to other squares, and made into a blanket, and they were snuggling into something given by unknown friends that cared.

Sarah I don’t think you understand the impact this has, first of all the devastation of the Floods and not being able to help, then being able to help, and now having to ask what has happened to our help. I feel very sad and empty that you have not communicated with the very folk that have given of their time and love, and the worst thing is they were so excited about this project, and now feel totally letdown and as one person said “a total fool” for participating.

If you are totally overwhelmed by all the squares, and we all know it takes time and a lot of effort to put the Blankets together, put the squares in boxes and send them up to me. I am happy to ask different groups to work on them so that we can get them out to where they should be. I just don’t know what else to say. I can’t do any more than this.

My brief response,

  • I have experienced flooding.
  • I have experienced two Earthquakes.
  • I have experienced Cyclone watch many a time whilst residing in Darwin.
  • I almost nearly drowned once too, luckily I was saved.
  • I was also in a car that caught on fire and had to leap over flames to escape.
  • I was almost abducted when I was 12 whilst walking my dog, I’ve never ran so fast in my life.
  • I’ve also been homeless.
  • And penniless.
So, don’t come the raw prawn with me Carolyn. I will say I’m slightly disappointed in you Carolyn, as what some people do not know is that we have done quite a few wholesale transactions and admittedly we exchanged emails just before I left for New York and not once did you make an enquiry re: update’s, you were only interested in taking up my 10 for $10 pattern offer and you made mention, something about bringing you home some M & M’s from memory.
Elizabeth, you have a question for me, I hope it’s been answered. I’m somewhat disappointed with you too, we have exchanged quite a few emails on and off, do you recall this one, OMG I think I said ‘thank you’ three times! Did you catch that Sue? I sure hope so.
Elizabeth you have my email, at any time you could have emailed to ask in regards to progress. My response to, Please, do not let the silence speak volumes for you! I think you’ll find that my silence on the forum has allowed your own voices to speak volumes!

One of the main reasons I don’t engage in forums very much is the malicious gossip that is often found on threads, it’s like if one person posts something a little indecorous, immediately a select minority will gravitate to anything remotely scandalous.

Oh, I almost forgot, I also noticed the word honesty, and I can honestly say that Crochet-a-Rainbow is in full swing, I can honestly ‘cope’ with the almost 10,000 granny squares in my house presently, I can honestly say that I think the select few posting on the forum are not being completely honest. A little reflection time needed maybe, or perhaps this.
Now to those who have graciously and strongly offered to help turn those squares into blankets we are so excited to confirm that we are having a Hook-Em-Together day, possibly 2 days depending on how many people are free. So, Save the Date, 9th and possibly the 10th of July. Where, in the beautiful Hunter Valley Vineyards of course. Fuel up the car, book a flight, we’d love to see you, and of course everyone will be made to feel most welcomed, and I do mean everyone! Especially to the gals in QLD who have sang a tune, what say you to a weekend in the Vines!
I think that’s it.
Make of this post as you will. It is, what it is! If nothing other than long!
Oh, and I may possibly jet off to Bali in the not to distant future, just sayin’, putting it out there and all, since a select few found it necessary to make mention of my NYC trip on the forum. First true holiday in 20 years, reasons being, well that’s a whole other story for another day.

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  1. Sarah – Hold on to your patience and sanity girl, this happens in the best run charities I am sorry to say. I belong to Knitting for Brisbane’s Needy – and I run a branch of this charity, Knitting for Toowoomba’s Needy, in Queensland. I have had the same responses happen to me too – and there is nothing you can do except what you have done – just come back and tell exactly what you have done. Your idea was a good one – your heart is in the right place. You are human as are we all – but you cannot do the impossible!! Maybe the donors of squares would in future, like to sew the squares into blankets and post the finished item to you?? No of course they wouldn’t……personally I hate sewing up squares, or ANYTHING I have crocheted/knitted LOL!! And for every moaner and critic, there are many others out there who don’t feel that way – I “dips me lid” to you and all the ladies who like to crochet squares and sew them into blankets. Do you need help with the said sewing up? I may have some of our members who might help out with this….. mind you, we are in another state.. let me know anyway.
    By the way – Knitting for Brisbane’s Needy is a Yahoo group in Australia.


  2. Hi Sarah

    It is sad that some people have nothing better than to cast blame on someone who is blameless. I also do not participate in forums for much the same reason as you. I think it is very petty of others to write such nonsense in a forum without contacting you in the first instance if they have concerns. It is the cyberspace equivalent of talking behind your back! All I can say is good on you for what you are doing. I am sad to hear that you have had such struggles in your life, you deserve to have had a nice holiday to recharge your batteries.
    Sending you a big hug in support.
    xXx Helen

  3. Good for you!!! I applaud your response. Some people are just never happy. Life is too short to constantly be lloking at others for fault. Be happy. Enjoy something from each and every day no matter how small. Adversity comes in many forms and we ALL have struggles we deal with on a daily basis…from small to devastating. We learn and move forward with God’s grace. Take a deep breath and SMILE!

  4. They say you are doing something big when people start talking about you. So if some want to be unkind, I wouldn’t join them in that chatter. Sarah stay calm, stay focused,hook on. Keep up the good work.

  5. Hi Sarah
    Thanks for the update. I am totally in support of all you do & have done so far. I have a little pile of squares (my second lot ) & will send them soon.
    Sending you a crafty hug

  6. Sarah – it saddens me deeply that you have had to respond in this manner to what are essentially ‘bitchy, malicious and negative comments by people who feel need the hitch on to the band wagon of someone elses callous comments.
    You were obviously empassioned by the loss and suffering of others in our global community – and you put your hand up to be the one to organise and do something about it. As gracious and generous as it is to send contributions to efforts such as yours – the cold hard facts of the matter are that those contributions are just a ripple in the pond of the ‘big picture’.
    Each of your contributors understand how long it takes to hook a granny square – and I am quite sure if they sat and gave it some thought, they would understand that the completion of a blanket takes considerable time. Multiply that blanket by the quantity of blocks and therefore numerous blankets – and I am sure we would all agree – a time precious activity to be undertaken.
    It further saddens me that some of those that gave charitably may only have done so for the glory it reflected on them – hence the need to see photos of their blocks – and the finished blankets. Giving selflessly and for the right reasons needs no feedback!
    I strongly feel you should not need to explain your intentions, nor your right to have and share a holiday – whether it be personal or work based. You should not need to detail your financial or material charitable contributions – they are nobody’s business but your own.
    I am so sorry that the cruel and thoughtless statements of others have been so negatively powerful enough to create this feeling within you.
    With kind regards ….

  7. Oh Sarah! I feel your frustration. A couple years ago I headed up a quilt drive for the folks in Victoria who lost all to the bushfires. So very very very many people sent quilt blocks from all over the world to make into quilts. So many in fact is was rather difficult to keep track of them all, but I tried my best and have a massive spreadsheet to show for it. I joined my local quilt guild to get all the quilts finished. We all worked so very hard to get it finished ina quick passage of time. In the end we had 135 finished and quilted quilts. It was lovely. But there are some folks who think that I had superpower, and the command of CNN so they could see their individual little block being given to a starving, burned child in Australia on prime-time. Obviously this simple gesture would never see the light of any of the large media outlets, but some held me responsible for this downfall. I never really knew how to respond to those emails. Well said, Sarah. I appreciate what you have made happen so far. Have fun in Bali if you ever go. I sure would love to!

  8. wow. thank you for standing up for yourself. i was completely unaware of the “drama” and find it ridiculous. thanks for all you do/have done/will do/have sacrificed/will sacrifice/etc for this project. don’t let em get ya down.

  9. What an embarrassment those rude, obnoxious people are. Don’t let them get to you. Your efforts are much appreciated.

  10. Sarah, I am not involved in any of this but I think that the Internet makes it so easy for people to say things that they might not consider polite or reasonable to say in real life conversation.

    I am a member of one on-line forum. That sort of crap isn’t tolerated. If you don’t play nice, you don’t get to be there. It’s a lovely place to be because of those rules but I know that there are a lot of other online places which aren’t as supportive or tolerant.

    I am also the sort of person that would be hiding in the corner if faced with those judgement calls.

    Thanks for what you are doing 🙂

  11. Dear Sarah:
    I have been the target in the past by “friends” who put themselves in the judges seat. Do not fret. Continue on with your head held high. If it doesn’t get done on someone’s arbitrary timetable, thats ok. It will get done. Hang in there!
    Teri Caswell

  12. I went through much the same thing recently when I offered to crochet a afghan to raffle off for a local senior center who is in need of funds. I had more irons in the fire than I should have when I offered to do it so it took a little longer than I planned (and besides having to make and sew 50 2″ stars onto the afghan was very tedious & boring). I finally have it done and it’s now on display at the senior center. Did I get a thanks or anything of that sort? No – nor do I require one. So don’t let the naysayers get to you – just keep doing what you do and know that it is making YOU feel good about what you are doing. Being generous and kind AND talented. A big thumbs up from the USA.

  13. Sarah you are doing a fantastic job at organizing these squares for charity.
    What a massive task and a tremendous effort.
    I honestly hope your trip was exciting and rejuvenating and full of life long happy memories.
    You take care, you take your time and i know you will get the job done.
    best wishes,
    Jodie xx

  14. You know our lives are about a yardstick long….every minute…every second our lives get eaten up dealing with nonsense like this…that time is just gone ..for good ..what a waste..it is not easy to let the words of ..well stupid people..just roll off you …but try..because the only people who count are the ones these are going too…that’s it…most of the people who sent these to you ..totally know the deal…no explanations are necessary..so in the words of my sister…write it on the blackboard and erase it…move on lovely lady…this is a great thing you are doing.most of us out there totally get it ..and for those that don’t …oh well?

  15. Sarah- please, please ignore all those ignorant people. Your Crochet-a Rainbow idea is fabulous. I appreciate all the time and hard work you have done in organizing this wonderful project. Let the naysayers be stupid and complain, they obviously have nothing better to do. Do not feel that you ever have to explain yourself. Your blog is beautiful ( as you are)and always brings a smile to my heart. I wish I lived closer so I could be part of the Hook-em Together. I hope you make a trip to the West Coast of the US and come to San Francisco area, I would love to meet you and show you around.
    Thanks for all that you do and share with us.
    Regards, Barbara

  16. Wow, sarah – I’m speechless. Hats off to you for your response. I usually donate just in the US, but I loved your Rainbow project. I actually just finished off my 21 squares tonight and plan on mailing them to you next week. When you first started, you probably never anticipated you’d receive so many squares. It stands to reason that it will take more time for the project than you thought it would. I trust you to follow through as best you can. The media has been saying that funds are most important in the beginning. So as the rebuilding begins, they’ll be ready for material things – rainbows of hope. I’ve been donating handmade items for years, and have never seen my stuff on a recipient. No matter. That’s not why I do it. God gave me the gift to craft. I trust that my donations will find the right home whenever and wherever. God bless you for what you do.

  17. Dearest Sarah, I am so PROUD of you! As a fellow Granny Square donater, I feel so sad that people feel the need to criticise, denegeate, and spread their negativity around about their lack of “acknowledgement” for participating in this project. If we only “give” to “receive”, then we don’t “give” at all! I feel so humbled to be a part of this project, and to contribute as best I can. I don’t expect “thankyou’s” ( despite you beautiful thankyou email!), pictures of my work, or “proof” of made up blankets. I just feel good for helping my fellow travellers and admire your dedication and commitment to this cause. To all of you “complainer’s” out there, just remember, what you give out, always comes back to you! So Sarah, your beautiful, graceful heart will always serve you well. Blessings! Penni xxx

  18. OH Sarah I’m so sorry but there alway has to be one to start ……now if this woman could start moving people to help put Elderlies houses back together, that have been ripped apart ,first by flood, then by the so called volunteer, more like a bunch of Vultures, that have left so many with out even walls in their homes and having to spend money buying tarps to put on the outside as well as the inside to keep the wind, rain and cold out instead of bitching about the squares.
    Yes I have over 150 squares here and adding more as I go but I’m also trying to make gloves/mittens and scarves and hats to help keep the Elderly warm..maybe this woman and any one else could do the same.
    I’m here in Brisbane and know what it’s like at night and just wish everyone would THINK FIRST and try and get out and help before we end up finding the Elderly dead in their homes because people are thinking of themselves first.
    Another thing Sarah never said she would be able to make all the squares into blankets over night as it does take time and did not expecting so many to do them is another factor.
    Sarah does have the right to a holiday and one other thing…Why Didn’t you and your “groups” Carolyn decide on doing squares or even blankets.
    Sorry Sarah but some people really get to me when they pick on someone trying to help

  19. I’m gobsmacked……. I was completely unaware of any of the kerfuffle. Great blog/comeback Sarah, what a shame you even had to go there. Seriously, I am sitting here with my cup of tea and my mouth open, can’t believe it! It never ceases to amaze me how a comment can turn into such nasty nonsense with everyone chipping in their bit. Charity begins at home, lucky for us Sarah, you are of generous heart and soul. Hard to do, but try to rise above the negative people, truly they are not worth it, there are lots of others who whole heartedly support you and your effort. Chin up Babe! Caroline

  20. Dear Sarah i feeling sorry for them, please continue the beautiful work. There wil always be people with negative thoughts, wanting to share them, not knowing better. Hope they read all THE warm comments. Greet NBA from Holland.

  21. P….. Please
    A….. Always
    T…… THINK,
    I ……. I
    E…… Even
    N …… Need
    C…… Comfort
    E….. Eventually.

  22. Way to address the snarky haters head on! You are doing a great work organizing such a project, and I think it’s commendable. Not many people would donate not only their effort but their personal time to aid others. I’ve always enjoyed your crochet work, but I have a strong appreciation for *you* as well.

    Stay strong – your NYC holiday was well-deserved. Here’s hoping your next holiday is much sooner!

  23. I certainly agree with all of these other commenters: you are taking up a monumental task and I applaud you a thousand times over for it! After skimming the comments, I’m surprised no one said anything about the comment on your trip to New York (unless I missed it, which I probably did).

    Of course you deserve a vacation, and you deserve to be excited about it! First off, there are always people out there who are suffering in some way, and however much we need to help them, we DON’T need to make ourselves miserable to “even the scales” or something like that. Thank you for sharing the things that have brought you joy, because that is exactly what we all need a little more of. I am just so surprised that she questioned your decision to post about your time in New York. Isn’t a blog all about sharing a piece of your life with your readers?

  24. Oh Wow. Sarah, so sorry you’ve been put through this. It is incredible how people make criticism when you’re trying to do something charitable and nice. Good on you for having your say. Bless you and good luck.

  25. Wow …that’s amazing. What a wonderful pile of squares. Well done to everyone …including me ….I can see a few of mine there too!

  26. What the hell is the matter with people?
    Sorry you had to air this garbage these pathetic people have started. Keep up the good work.
    Life is for living……….enjoy!

  27. Dear Sarah,

    Bravo for your energetic anwser to your detractors! What do they think? Taht you have somehow get hold of Harry Potter’s magical wand and can assemble blankets in a whim? Or that you can just enchant your keyboard so that it anwsers to all your mails on its own? We have an appropriate sayings in this situation, in France “les conseilleurs ne sont pas les payeurs” those who advise you are not those who foot the bill” ! Your idea of ‘crochet a rainbow” is fantastic and we are all proud and happy to participate! My parcel is ready to go and tell your restless “friends” that it takes about three weeks to come over from France! Thank you for your work and generosity, we become better people knowing persons like you!

  28. Hi Sarah,

    There was never my intention to upset you for which I’m sorry – as I’m seldom on Ravelry and everywhere else, I always miss things, news and events, so I asked a question to people to point me into the direction to catch up. And later I asked a direct question to you as I red other quite bitter discussions.
    About the “silence and volumes” you read between my lines right, you just saw it in a different/bad light – (in general) if there is no information, people tend to make up their own versions, one worse than another, so, just a little info (a few words here and there) can do the trick.
    You are mistaken about one thing though – I haven’t said anything about not receiving “thanks” from you! I did receive! So, you must be mixing me with somebody else!
    I asked questions, I never expressed any opinions.
    You can be upset about one thing – I did said that people need first hand things ASAP, but as I just read you were homeless, so you know, the cold night inevitably, unavoidably comes with a speed of “light” and it comes today… here I was speaking from “doctor’s degree at survival the totalitarian regime” point of view.
    Now I will express my point of view – I think for many people sending you squares was a big deal, it’s like you hear drums and after that you expect something even bigger. It’s absolutely normal bodily response! And when nothing happens, people tend to get upset and they each express themselves differently – some respond in acceptable to others manner, some not. I mean – some comments were reasonable but some were not (to me).
    In conclusion, I’d like to offer a solution – you skip the “boil into soap” comments (I know, you feel like the whole world has gone rouge, but it’s not) you try to pick out the “objective to you” ones and, once, let’s say, in 2 weeks make a little note in your blog and a few pictures of piles squares, just saying how much you like them.
    How does this sound for you?
    Take care,

  29. Well Sarah, when I received an email alert with “hold your horses”, I did think ….wow what is Sarah upto now, probably doing some fundraising for a Horse Charity!! WOW how wrong was I. Never expected what I was reading. I am absolutely gobsmacked and appalled of the awful backstabbing you got…..but Angels do get this, its called Jealousy!
    Ladies – Yvette, Helen, Nikki, Jacquie, Dawn, Tia, Amanda, Lizzie, Tas, Teri, Sharon, Jodie, Miss Holly, Barbara, Karen and Penni, take a bow what Marvellous Women and friends of Sarah you all are.
    Sarah I really do not think you need to justify yourself, but now at least you can let other peoples crap go, its always a good healer to write things down that other peoples hurt give out, I too have been on peoples list, shame really I make a very good and loyal friend, and one particuliar friend now knows she misses me more than I do her!
    Its amazing how some, and I mean some unworthy people feel they need a Nobel Prize when they think they have done something worthy! Recognition I can give them recognition, they need to look into the mirror to see their prize!! …….Not good!
    Sarah your a walking “lightworker” that works for an awesome group the Angel Group, and this group get a lot of jealousy. Oh and another thing, keep that suitcase packed and near the door, there’s many more beautiful places, fantastic people to meet and wonderous holidays that you will HAVE to take………..YOU DESERVE THEM ….Peace, Love and Light always with you Sarah xxx

  30. Hi Sarah

    Thank you for mentioning Kiva in your blog. I’ve read about them and find their activity most interesting and something I would like to participate in, so have just made my first donation.

    Keep up your good work and don’t listen to unfair criticism. What right do they have to criticise you anyway? They didn’t have the incentive to start what you did!

    Best regards,
    Eva in France

  31. Oh dear G-d, are people really this petty? I’m sorry that you had to go through these lengths in your charitable efforts. I hope that one day you’ll be able to laugh at the situation. It’s almost a foreign language to me, that these women expect you to spend your time administering to their selfish needs in their charitable efforts.

    It’s charity, it’s volunteering. You do the work, you send it out into the world, and hope that one day, if you ever need it, it comes back to you.

    You rock. And I’ll try to include some chocolate with my granny squares. :o)

  32. Take heart Sarah. There is a very silent majority who support and respect your efforts. I have competed many squares and my school has allowed me to work with others on our PD Wellbeing day to complete many more. As a person who was a bushfire victim I can say from experience that the gifts received after life has settled down a bit are very much appreciated and a reminder that the world has not forgotten about your long struggle to return to a normal life.

  33. Yep, you dare to live your life Sarah. And God bless you.

  34. never occurred to me when I give to charity that I should request a photo of my contribution and then a complete synopsis on where it went to – being an old-fashioned kind of girl I tend to just give and walk away 🙂

  35. Morning Sarah (from sunny Yorkshire)

    Had some fun reading your response to whatever has been going on in the ether, obviously I’m not “connected” enough to know about it ;D

    You typed yourself well in response, unlike others who just typed and let their big unthinking fingers do the talking. Good on you for putting yourself forward and doing the walk rather than just the talk and for all those who’ve joined up and hooked all those wonderful looking squares. I’m not great with words to say just how kind or (see no good),… you are one of the lights / rainbows that are burning brightest in the dark of the world’s sorrow. As I can’t give you a hug in person, please accept this Zen Hug *hug*.

    You may or may not read this comment, but the thought is there and sometimes that’s all that’s needed.

    Strength to you and all the others who are having to sew all the squares together! ;D

    Best Wishes,
    Nicky (Boppytigs), 2 happy pusscats (fur children) and one sleeping husband.

  36. Dear Julia, Thank you for your lovely comment, and mention, but I think that you need to add yourself to this list too my dear! Love to all of you who have supported Sarah. It is so amazing to read about the love, kindness, compassion, and understanding that you have all shown. It certainly restores faith in the human heart, and greatly diminishes the negative energy shown by others. Love to you all, and God bless! Penni xxx

  37. Holy f#@! Sarah!
    Wow, I can’t believe that there are people out there that would say such things. And you’re right, whenever I’ve donated something I’ve never asked for a picture of what I sent to be posted on their website… in fact, I posted pictures of my own squares on my website cos I knew you’d be busy. AND, I was fully aware that when I sent my initial squares that you would be collecting throughout 2011 and that it would take time… but that apparently takes common sense & perhaps there are some people out there that don’t have that.

    So, chin up, ignore the petty people.
    And just so you know, I liked your blog posts about your holiday 🙂

  38. Hello Sarah

    I’m just really sad that you even had to make this blog post. I am sorry you are copping flak.

    I’m glad I came to your blog to read this update cuz it totally reminded me that I haven’t even uploaded my pics to the flickr group yet.

    What else can I say? Others have already expressed most of what I was thinking anyway. I will say this — “Keep your chin up!” (as me ol’ Ma used to say).


  39. Sarah, Let me just say that I agree with most of the comments made, but most particularly the ones that advocate no need for defending yourself. People are going to believe what they want to believe, regardless. Positive or negative. Friend or foe. I have deleted from my reader the blogger who jumped in on the “pick on Sarah London” train, and have cancelled my ravelry account. There is enough negativity out there in real life! Edify, uplift, encourage. Let your right hand give without your left had knowing! I applaud Crochet a Rainbow, and when you have had time to catch your breath, will get address for shipping the 110 or so squares I have had waiting for you………..Meanwhile, rise above the fray! Hold your head high, knowing your heart is right.
    God bless you in your efforts to ease others misfortune.

  40. Hi Sarah! You ROCK! as my kids would say!!! You are amazing for all you do for so many and you have a big, big heart!

    I think it’s shocked a lot of us kind, thoughtful, caring, warm hearted folk out here to hear negative and critical comments. We often get into our own little ‘comfort bubbles’ – I can’t bear people being nasty, but it does make me realise that the world is made of all sorts. I’d like to hope and think that most of us are happy givers. Crikey, if you people want a photo of your work Take One yourself – I do!!!

    Sarah please don’t be deterred by time-wasting negativity I think you’ll find that those folk are very, very unhappy in themselves and when there’s an opportunity to unleash pent-up feelings on someone else it is actually only a reflection of themselves – perhaps in future you should just delete them into cyber-space!!! I enjoy a couple of sites where we are all soooooo helpful and friendly and I’d like to think of yours like that too, so I for one am here to support you/us in our endeavours….

    lots of love & hugs – ENJOY BALI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kazzie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  41. Hi Sarah,

    I have been reading along with your Crochet a Rainbow initiative and think what you’ve done is AH-MAY-ZING! You should be very proud of yourself to have organized such a huge movement of care and concern and charity. Any hand-crafter knows that things of this nature take time and much-much effort. And in the end, the 1000’s of beautiful squares will be made into symbols of human-kindness.

    I feel sad that you had to justify yourself to petty people who clearly have no patience; are so self-centered that they feel that you have no life of your own other than this blog-space; and who’s own ego’s need to be stroked by you posting a picture of one of their own squares. A not so charitable reaction to you; a person who through your words and pictures; show us everyday your selfless actions.

    I LOVED seeing that you were able to escape to NY. You deserved to treat yourself; as your readers know, you had a huge job to come home to.

    I also appreciated this post to the negativity. To call people on their own pettiness and to do it in a very composed manner; great job! I’m not so sure I would have been so kind.

    Thank you for all that you do, and thank you for sharing your art with us 😉

  42. Dear Sarah!
    I was so shocked to read your post this morning.
    How can anyone pass judgements so easily withour thinking twice, or without trying to understand that things happen (or not) for a good reason? It is very easy to say: send me the squares and I’ll make the blankets…If people are willing so much to help others…Why don’t they start their own project? Unfortunately there are too many tragedies going on in the world today: quakes, floods, wars, etc.
    When I hooked my granny squares to be sent to you…I didn’t think of receiving merits or medals…out to the universe they flew and they reached your hands…(I think I saw some of my squares in the pics of this post1 😉 ). My present financial situation is not good at all and spending that extra bit of money to send the squares to you in Australia from Spain, broke my budget. BUT!….I felt good because I was offering my help to someone in REAL NEED… And still I felt the urge to do MORE!!!
    I’m sure that people in Australia and Japan are still in desperate need of help and no matter how late those blankets reach them…they will feel soothed….Things made by hand have this “special touch”!
    And as life goes on..why should you stop living life? Why not going to NYC? I’m sure when you were victim of all those natural disasters…you received help and still people were living their lives…
    I admire your art, work and Crochet a Rainbow project…and it would be so wonderful that other people should start projects like this…Now I’m taking care of my parents (dementia and parkinson’s) they take all of my time..if not…being unemployed as I am…surely I would be developping a project like yours…
    Never mind Sarah, you are GENEROUS, BEAUTIFUL AND A GREAT ARTIST…If people want to waste their energies passing judgements and critics….that shows what they are….
    Keep sharing, hooking and CREATING!
    Lots of love from Spain.

  43. Hey Sarah,
    Thanx for your update, it explains a lot. I was one of those people holding my breath for a reply from you to one of my e-mails. Thankfully the gals on Ravelry were very helpful and answered all my questions. I can understand how the snowball effect of this great initiative completely overwhelmed you!

    I am a webeditor by profession and I know (like no one else) that if a website that ásks people to participate, don’t respond quick enough when people actual want to participate, people will become annoyed. I am sorry, that’s kind of how it works. It would be the same thing as when going in for a job interview, being told ‘you’ll hear from us on Tuesday’ and three weeks later you haven’t heard. It’s just a dissapointment.

    My professional take on this is, that it’s already way over your head! So maybe there are some lovely people on here (that are near you in Oz) that can help (as volunteers) you out with answering e-mails, sewing the blankets, taking pics etc? So you have you hands free to coördinate and take care of stuff and update on here (though you can even let one of the volunteers do that), so that people know things are happening! I know that if I would be near you, I’d offer you my skills as a webeditor instantly and make sure all your web-stuff would be up-to-date!

    My personal take on this is, that this is a wonderful initiative! I have been to QLD just a month before the floods and I have spent many evening in Holland glued to the TV in tears over all the places that I’ve visited that were no longer there. Friends of mine in Brisbane were very much hurt by the floods and initiatives like yours make it possible to help, even if you live so far away. I am very grateful for initiatives like yours.

    Stay strong and keep on going with this wonderful initiative! Of course people are getting annoyed, that’s because they can’t actually see what you’re doing. Most of us are far away and we don’t know what’s happening at your side of the globe. But I’m sure that if you post some WIPs or (shorter, hehe) posts like this one and tell people what’s going on, they’ll love this initiative just as much as your hardcore fans! Don’t be afraid to ask people to help you out, okay.

    Big hug!

  44. I am sorry that you have had to face this sort of abuse. There is always a certain faction who feels it their right to critically analyze the good deeds of others. Like those who demand to see the church’s budget and everyone’s payscale before making their yearly giving pledge, as example (since that is one I have seen personally). In the end, either the work is noble and those who do it are trustworthy, or they are not. Individuals who support charitable organizations are to do so unselfishly and from the heart. Once the donation is given, it is in God’s hands. The giver’s part is accomplished. For every complaint that you haven’t adequately displayed progress through daily updates, there is someone else waiting to berate you for too much blogging, not enough crocheting! Fulfill your vision and calling. Everyone else has their own to fulfill. You are inspiring.

  45. Dear Sarah,
    Please accept my apology for the rudeness of these ignorant people! I am glad that you posted this so that others of us can see what is being said about a person, YOU, who has a huge giving heart. They can only be defined as ignorance.

    Please pay no mind to those few who are so insecure that they need to be able to only be concerned with themselves.

    You have taken on a project of giantic proportions. I am sure that even you had no idea it could grow to this size. To think that you have time in every day to respond to every person’s little whim as to where their squares are and where they will go and want to see them when they arrive. One word = Ridiculous!

    Please just disregard these comments. That is the reason there is a Delete key on the computer keyboard!

    You are a fantastic person and I congratulate you on the job you have taken on to serve those in need. You are a wonderful person and I know that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of others who think so too.

    God Bless You,

  46. Don’t let the b&(##%*s get you down. It’s jealousy, pure and simple. Ever onward and upward, Sarah!

  47. Good night! I would have encouraged you NOT to answer all that. In this modern world, if people AND craft bloggers don’t know how things work, that isn’t your problem. It is your choice to blog, answer or not, and carry on as you please. Your readers either unerstand and enjoy your words or not, and popular authors shouldn’t have to qualify their words, especially if you blog for pleasure. How could you have known how this idea would have exploded? And how can readers expect so much from one person? They should offer help not hindrance or start their own projects. Character is what is most important. Blogging can be both wonderful and frightening.

  48. Sarah, I can imagine that I would quite literally be crying should so many hurtful things be said about me. I just want to pass on a little sunshine…to make up for the crap. I’m a knitter, but I just LOVE looking at the bright colors on your blog. I love the wall you paint in your kitchen to go with the color of the year. You inspire me. And I’ve got some flower pattern that I dream of learning so that I can make little flowers for my daughter’s headbands. I do remember some comment you left on my blog…and your heart shone through. Your words really touched me. Blessings, km

  49. Sarah, you are doing a fantastic job. I know it will take time to make all the blankets and I was hoping you weren’t overwhelmed with it all, so I am glad you are getting help.
    I too have found that forums seem to illicit unnecessary (often cruel) criticism so rarely post anywhere now.
    Thank you for what you are doing, I’m sure the lucky blanket recipients will appreciate your hard work too.
    Carol xx

  50. Sarah,

    OMG!! You have just cracked me up!!! I can only say “YOU GO GIRL”!!! Glad you stuck up for yourself. I appreciate you everyday and I am one of those that looked up your blog everyday and prayed everything would be OK with you. I appreciate your patterns and willingness to post when you can. God Bless You and keep up the great work!! No complaints here. 🙂

  51. I think what you are doing is amazing, keep up the good work. And please keep living your life too, for goodness sakes. 🙂

  52. Well, what an amazing post – and an even more amazing response! Too bad all of these commenters wouldn’t provide feedback on all the good design stuff, all the time. 🙂

    I was happy to send my contribution of little squares and definitely didn’t expect any post in return. I also didn’t expect you to put your life on hold. Living is kinda important. 🙂

    I had no idea of the controversy until you pointed me to the Ravelry discussion. Yikes – I’m glad I didn’t join that group. You do know the saying about everyone and their opinions. 🙂

    Finally, I’m totally bummed I can’t go to the group putting together. Fiber in the vineyards? Two of my favorite things. Oh my, I might not ever return to the U.S.!

    Justs go about your business. Maybe a few more updates would be prudent, since we live in such a transparent society, but otherwise … I’ll keep reading like I always do, and you might even get another round of blocks.

  53. Sarah….sigh, sigh, sigh. I am continually astounded by the works of others both amazing and not. Kudos to all of us who donated granny squares. There is still more in my basket to be sent to you this summer. I am privelidged to be a part of this group. Thank you, Sarah. Thank you.

    Some people expend a great deal of energy in the harm of others. They are emotional looters and no different than those who move through devastated neighborhoods after disasters and take what is not theirs. Don’t give them anything, Sarah, nothing – no more precious time and no more blog space. They are not worth it.

    As my daughters and I begin our own collection to first benefit our own neighbors here in Missouri, I worry the same trouble will come our way. We will do what we can, as you have, to act in an upstanding way. I will be proud to add your collection link to our website The Heart in Hand Project. I hope we are half as successful as you have been in collecting squares.

    When I send a check to the Red Cross, I do not demand an accounting of where every penny went, nor did I follow our own school trucks to Joplin to find out who received our three cases of water, or case of canned corn. Your reputation and presence, here online, were enough. I trust you because you NEVER given me reason not too. Ever.

    Thank you, Sarah.

    With heart, Kelly

    The Heart in Hand Project

    unDeniably Domestic

  54. Well said, Sarah. Giving is about giving and shouldn’t require a pat on the back! Happy to contribute – if I get a chance I may send some more! Best wishes

  55. i have found that Ravelry is a good place to review patterns and yarn … but is NOT a place i want to visit for a chat !!!!
    the LYS in my childhood town was owned by an unfriendly woman who complained that no one wanted to knit a second item … she was “miss congeniality” compared to some of the most “virulent voices” on Ravelry … i’ll stick to the needles and barbs in my basket … i use yarn to relax and create beauty … thank you for your blog and your efforts to help others with it …
    ps – i wondered if the nasty posts on Ravlery are from people that have been banned from blogs ????
    is it possible to block someone from a discussion forum ???

  56. Lessons learned all around, I’m sure. It’s time to just report “progress” and continue on.

  57. Hi Sarah,

    It’s a shame some people have to ruin a good thing. They could simply help by joining their own squares as they go and send it off themselves to a charity that needs them, rather than laying blame on you because they cannot see all you do. And why do they need to see? They don’t. They just need to mind their own business. And you shouldn’t feel a need to defend yourself to those few rotten people. They are a lazy bunch with nothing better to do.

    Keep up your beautiful work…..I do miss seeing your new crochet work, but I know you are so very busy this year, and for good reason!

    Rather than mailing my squares to you, I am going to go ahead and put them together myself and send them to those who need them right here in the USA, as we’ve had more than enough tornado damage lately in some states, and people here need them as well. But should you be in need of more squares at any time, I will be glad to send some.
    Nancy in NY

  58. Hi Sarah,
    I think you are doing a wonderful job. I fully understand the pressures and busyness of day to day life let alone dedicating what little spare time to help others, so damn those who dare to criticise you. I signed up in the early days and have still to send in my contribution, id love to sit at home all day to work up those squares so i can get a decent collection together and finally send them in but im sure as many would know most of us have other commitments. Its sad that people have lost lives, homes, belongings but the wod wont stop spinning and life goes on. Each and every persons contribution to helping others should be appreciated whether it be huge or very small. Those people who are lookin for thanks for their contribution are just out for self gratification. Im sure most of us are just happy to help out. I dont care if you dont send me a personal email. And i take the time to read your blogs so none of what you said in your blog was a surpise to me. I think you’re an amazing woman doing some really wonderful things. Keep smiling 🙂

  59. Just to clarify my previous post, everyones contributions should be appreciated, but as with any charity we may not get personal thanks. it seems that for some your efforts will never be enough. And for those wanting personal thanks and praise for their contributions, they just need to understand that it might not happen right now or at all, and just be happy knowing in themselves that they’ve helped out. Most of us know you are appreciative of our help to ahieve the goals of crochet a rAinbow.

  60. Just read your post, Sara and all I can say is WAY TO GO!


  61. Sarah, I’m totally horrified by this story. What a terrible slap in the face for someone who is trying to do something good on such an epic scale. Like you, I’ve made squares etc for other charities and once I send them off that’s it for me. I certainly don’t expect that the charity will thank me personally as I know that I’m just one of many (and I don’t do it for positive affirmation either)!

    As for conflating your long-awaited NYC trip with the appeal – what can I say? Do you not deserve a life? Do we all have to live in sack cloth and ashes to be seen as being good people? I’m just so shocked by your treatement but I get the feeling that you’re a pretty resilent sort of gal so although I’m sure it hurts now I hope you’ll soon see it for what it is – a sad reflection on others not you.

    More power to you Sarah!

  62. Dear sweet woman,
    I am proud to be in your electronic circle. I feel blessed that you share your generous self with me and so many others. Your tireless creativity inspires many of us …….. and makes the prickly uglier parts of this crazy world much more bearably beautiful.

    I am proud of you dear woman.
    Please ignore all else that is not a match to that last sentence.

  63. Sarah,

    Like many others I am just stunned at this. I applause you for your willingness to take on the project and boo to those who expect immediate and personalized updates on progress. I’m sure that you did not intend to make this project your life, 24-7. No one does when they volunteer for something.

    I have done squares, scarves, etc. for charity drives and it never even occurred to me that I would get a personalized response on what was happing with what I donated. I research my charities and then trust that my donations are being used as they are supposed to me used. Period. Geeze… you have a life!

    Kudos on the Kiva participation. My hubbs and I do that as well. I think we have funded 6-7 loans now.

  64. I’m astonished at how people have acted. I think it’s pretty clear how busy you are and I can only imagine trying to put all those squares together. I guess I would be skewered for not sending my squares in yet! Life sometimes interrupts whether you want it to or not. Shame on all the people who need to “see” what “they” made. Sounds as though they think more of themselves and their good deed than what they are actually doing for someone. Have faith, not everyone thinks that way. God bless to you for all that you do!

  65. Geez…I’m so sorry you had to be faced with all that! I also feel sorry for the people who got caught up in the gossip frenzy. People can be so hard on each other sometimes and not give each other the benefit of doubt. I know I’m guilty of that sometimes too.

    Your post reminded me of the saying: “No good deed goes unpunished”!

    Anyway, thank you for starting this charitable initiative and also for all your crochet inspiration. I love your style!

  66. Gee. I didn’t have to read too much before becoming totally disgusted with the negativity expressed. Charity is supposed be done quietly, not under a spotlight.
    Pity some have such a need for recognition.
    Sarah, try to let this roll off your back like a duck. And keep doing the good you do and inspire others to do too!

  67. I am saddened to read what has happened and surrounding something which should just have good intentions surrounding the project. In the future, if individuals feel this strongly about how and when a charitable gift should be handled, then they might consider not donating goods or services to another group and instead take all the steps for such a project themselves.

    I love seeing your beautiful stitches and pick-me-up colors. Please keep up the good work. I wish that you can enjoy all the rest of the moments of your rainbow work. It should never have been marred with such actions.

  68. What you’re doing is great, keep it up. Please ignore the bitchiness. I too did wonder if you had the storage capacity and time, but you do, so what is their problem? Did these people think you were going to put your life on hold this year while putting together blankets? I’ve enjoyed reading about your time in New York and I hoping you have a great time in Bali.

  69. I’m disappointed at the negative tone of all of this and that you feel you have to defend yourself. Not the kind of energy I expected from a giving project like this. Too bad it has come to this. Your lack of updates on the project only meant one thing to me: you have a full life- simple as that. Some people need more to worry about I guess.

  70. Sarah, I’m so sorry that some people chose to attack you instead of taking the initiative to do something on their own. 3 squares? Really?

  71. Let it go, honey. There are so many people who love to “stir the shit” I’ve found it’s just best to let them be. Life is just so short.

  72. whoa, everytime i think the best of people there is always a group of whiny ass bitches online to drag me back to reality!

    big hugs to you sarah, take care, and have fun. x

  73. Bravo Sarah! By the sound of things you will well and truely deserve your next holiday too! Stay calm and carry on! We love and need you.

  74. Sarah; women, eh? I don’t know why it always has to go this way.

    Keep your chin up and know that your efforts are very much appreciated.

    (from ‘earthquake city’ Christchurch, NZ)

  75. Hi – I’m happily oblivious to what’s happening behind the scenes here. I adore NYC and love hearing people have holidayed there, as it enriches you.

    I have squares ready to send you. I loved making them. I don’t need thanks or stroking, just an address I can send them too. I totally trust they will be well used. I made oodles of things for Quilts for Queensland. I have never heard anything back. I’m totally cool with that, as I’d rather the organisers use their precious time to get the donations where they need to be, not tend to my ego.

    Anyway – hang in there, and when you can please let me know where I can send my parcel.


  76. How very disappointing Sarah to hear of so much criticism flying around – what a disgraceful state of affairs. I’m truly sorry to see you the brunt of such unworthy behaviour. Please be encouraged to rise above the pettiness. I renew my offer to help put some Rainbow blankets together if you need some hooky help.

  77. Wow I had no idea about all the cafuffle and am better for it I think. To tell you the truth I sent you squares and never really thought about it again.. I’m like you, send it out into the universe and trust in the goodness of people. I’m so glad you got to go to NY everyone deserves wonderful things in their life and my thoughts will be with you all as you put those spectacular blankets together. I think such a beautiful present arriving once all the initial intrest and hype has calmed down will be much appreciated, the feelings of grief and loss are often hardest to bear when it seems everyone has forgotten. Blessings to you and don’t let the negetive comments get you down there are far more with you than against you.

  78. I just wanted to post a good feel good comment for you to maybe override the few bad ones you get. I love your blog, your patterns, (even though I am currently to broke and too busy with nursing school to crochet) and you are doing a beautiful thing with the granny squares! Even through the internet, I can tell you are a beautiful person inside and out. I can’t imagine trying to piece together that massive pile of squares. You are an inspiration. Have a beautiful day!

    P.S. I do not expect a response 😉 You are far too busy to respond to everyone!

  79. Sarah,
    I hope to encourage you to keep up the GREAT work you have begun.
    There are more people wanting to help….not rock the boat.
    By the way I have been taught somthing that has always stuck with me through the years….”Don’t let the right hand know what the left hand is doing.
    In other words if you do a good deed don’t wait (or expect) to be praised for it, the Lord will take care of your reward.
    Just a thought from my personal expeience.
    Tammy N.

  80. Hi Sarah, Try not to be deflated by these thoughtless remarks. They really are without proper thought. Its wonderful to help and you have.
    Love susan xx

  81. It’s really not worth all this anguish. Just ignore the nay-sayers and keep on doing what you are doing! 🙂

  82. Goodness me! Well said, Sarah.
    I can honestly say I sent off my squares without expecting any personal thanks or, indeed, response of any kind. In fact, I doubt I put my email address in with them!

  83. Bloody terrible! I thought that the crocheters of this world and especially your followers were lovely, caring, giving people that would never engage in such behaviour. I hope that you know it’s just a small percentage. The rest of us love to sneek on here for a look at all of the wonderful inspiration that you are giving to this world – for free. And I for one am truly thankful.

    Perhaps a few people have forgot the art of giving, and the way in which to do it.

    And hopefully the hook-em-together can put some love back into the blankets that have been spattered with a little bit of school yard bile.

  84. I’m sorry there’s been snippiness, you’re doing a great job!
    I have crocheted a couple of squares, I hope to crochet a couple more, I love the end of the year timeline!

  85. Just wanted to say…. YOU GO GIRL!
    I’m usually just a stalker & NEVER have a thing to say… until now! So…. while I’m at it, I must say, I am sooooo PROUD of YOU! I was very inspired by your “takeupforyourselfedness” and hope to be more like that in the future… AND… I sure am very happy that you had a nice time in NYC & I enjoyed reading ALL about it, even though I was a tinsy bit green, I really do enjoy living vicariously…… so once again,KUDOS!!

  86. wow! well said!

    *I had a supportive rant but … what’s the point?*

    You’re doing good work. You deserve a break. People who help other people have usually suffered in their own lives. You’re not the Red Cross able to help instantly (and I would think postal services may be disrupted in a crisis anyways).


  87. Sarah, i think the world of you, the inspiration your creativeness and generous spirit you share has a posivitive and soul lifting effect on many, it’s amazing the bitterness some people spit out at others, i’m sure they would not have the guts to say to your face, it’s amazing how smug some people can be,i read the forum on ravelry and nearly puked, ignor them. I’m glad you had a great time in New York, you deserved it,. i wonder if these woman visit their local charity shop everyday to check their old clothing donations have made it onto the racks, When we give, we are supposed to give with a generous and trusting heart and expect nothing in return. I trust you Sarah.

  88. Just leaving my support for you here. I can’t believe that people felt so entitled when it comes to a charity project. If i donate a couch to a charity I don’t expect them to send me a photo of a new family sitting on it, I gave that away to give it a new home. Same with these squares, people made them to give someone a smile and warmth in the worst times of their lives, but people want to get up in arms because they don’t have a blow by blow account of their squares?

    You are doing a great job. I live in QLD and my suburb didn’t get flooded, but a lot of friends and family did, I also have friends who lost family in the NZ earthquake and seeing the pain on their faces every day is just devastating… and all these women can think about is when they are gonna see pics of their squares.

  89. Fantastic Sarah – well done for saying it like it is! There is not too much of that in the blog world. Ravelry is full of petty minded people which is why I dislike it so much – they will silence anything that is saying anything of relevance. I totally get what you say about making things for charity; you don’t need thanks, you don’t need to know who got it. That just creates work on top of what is necessary. Sadly people are not as ‘good’ as they think they are. They can always make their own blanket or put together their own project if they don’t like yours. Well done for taking it all on and while I can see you don’t need thanks you really don’t need all the aggro either. Shame on all these silly people! I hope you enjoy your holiday – where, what and how is no ones business except your own. You have explained everything beautifully on this post, the only thing is that you shouldn’t have too. Keep doing what you are doing and don’t let the b…….s’s get you down. Well done for the gargantuan effort you have made and thank you.

  90. I was loving the NYC posts! Sorry all this has happened, you’re doing a truly amazing thing………my head hurts when i think how long it must take to join all those squares.it is an epic undertaking and one not to be underestimated 🙂

  91. I’m horrified that you’ve had to deal with the hate and criticism from people over such a wonderful and heartfelt project. I support your efforts and never once thought it inappropriate for you to take a vacation or that it would be finished quickly. Just know that these obnoxious biddies will get what they deserve. No one can put out that many lies or that much hate without being repaid by the universe. Stay strong Sarah, you’re doing great things!

  92. you are an amazing person and owe not one of these small minded small people an explanation.
    i support you and your efforts 1000 percent…do what you know is right in your heart and let them bury themselves in bad karma…honestly, if they spent all that energy helping someone instead of bitching…imagine how good the world would be?! love you and thank you for your brilliant ideas and beautiful creative spirit. xoxoo

  93. I have not participated in your Crochet-A-Rainbow but must say that what you are doing is magnificent. And, after all, isn’t the whole idea to help people when they have experienced such terrible disasters?
    People should realise that ‘thank you’ and photographs take time and that time is limited and precious when you have so much to do getting everything distributed. Your ‘blog’ is sufficient for this purpose – everyone can read it and know the progress of their work.

    You well deserved your trip to NYC to recharge your batteries so as to carry on with the good work you are doing. I found it very interesting as I was visiting my family in NY at the same time as you were there and wish I’d had the foresight to do a collage like yours!

  94. I support you Sarah. Thanks for offering the 10 patterns for $10, I took advantage of this offer, and have used many of the patterns 🙂 you are my favourite hooker LOL

  95. Ugh, I hate forums!
    Sarah you are a beautiful and bright person doing beautiful and bright things and I’m happy and proud to be a part of it. You are only human and shouldn’t be expected to work any miracles.

    The granny square response is absolutely amazing!! I’m so glad to be a part of something so big. 🙂
    I really wish I lived near enough to help in putting them all together, and God Bless you and all the fabulous & generous folk that helped and are still helping.

    Stay strong and shine bright!! 🙂

  96. Sarah, I am so sorry that this happened!

    I think that people need to understand that between turning the squares into blankets, you DO have a life!
    You can’t be expected to take pictures of every single package you recieve. The point of charity is giving for others good, not recognition.
    What you are doing is AMAZING. Keep up the great work!

    God Bless!

    P.S. I had been making squares for Crochet-a-Rainbow, but I had yet to sign up– this post totally gave me the push!

  97. Oh for the love of God! How pathetic these people are. All I can say Sarah is YOU GO GIRL!
    You are doing something truly wonderful.


  98. Crumbs Sarah – I didn’t know you had all that to deal with 😦 Hope you’re feeling better now. It’s awful that you felt you had to explain yourself – what you do in your life is up to you. you don’t have to justify it. As for me, I just trust that the squares reach you, and I love the thought they are nestled in with other people’s squares on a blankie – all that love in one article. Beautiful. Count to 10, have a cuppa, there are plenty more people out there who are stitchin but not bitchin! Love from WA, Lara x

  99. Sarah, as they say up north here, ‘there’s nowt so queer as folk’
    i.e., you can’t please everyone, people are very strange animals.
    Keep it up.
    Good on ya.

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