november :: mystery crochet project :: part 3

Now that our green granny squares have been trimmed with ‘snow’ it’s time to start assembling!

Begin with the largest granny square, place right side up, referring to the below photo, insert the ‘tail’ into the ‘space’ as indicated.

Draw the ‘tail’ through and pull tightly, as shown in the photo below.

Securely weave the ‘tail’ in on the wrong side of the granny square to fasten into place, as shown below.

Repeat for the remaining granny squares. Once completed you’ll find you have a set of ‘branches’ ready to assemble as shown below.

Start assembling with the bottom ‘branches’ as shown below.

I’ve chosen to ‘assemble’ my branches with nifty red velvet ready made bows, the ones with the twist ties, they make for quick and easy assembling. You could use ordinary ribbon also if you prefer and form your own bows.

Layer two ‘branches’ as shown below,

insert the twist ties through the ‘top’ granny square as indicated,

then through the ‘bottom’ granny square as indicated.

Flip your branches over and twist to secure.

Ta Da! the first set of branches are secured into position.

Continue as before, until you have securely fixed all branches into position.

Note: I  have used three different sized red velvet bows.

Now we need to fix our christmas tree to a wall or door perhaps. I hammered a nail directly into the wall, there are other products on the market to adhesive things to walls etc if you prefer not to nail directly.

I then topped my tree with two granny stars!

Now don’t think we’ve finished yet, no, this tree has a twist to it! can you guess?

Gather some Christmas wrapping and small boxes ie: matchboxes, and I’ll be back on Monday to finish ‘dressing’ the tree!

23 Comments on “november :: mystery crochet project :: part 3

  1. This is spectacular. Very beautiful indeed. Thank you for sharing its a very generous gesture during this Christmas season.

  2. wow!!!! beautiful!!! i’m in love with your christmas tree!! great idea!!! really!!! i want the same!!

  3. I just started learning how to crochet, but I *need* to make this lol! I’m off to buy supplies! Thank you so much for posting this!

  4. Bonjour,
    This is beautiful, magnifique idée…
    I fallow it from the begginnig et I like the surprise!!
    Here the winter is coming soon, this morning the grass was all white. Your project give me the mood for doing someting for Noel.

  5. looks absolutely stunning think i might have to go and get a different green though mine isn’t bright enough

  6. This is incredibly brilliant! I might just have to create a whole “winter forest” with my middle -schoolers in coming years. We can’t do Christmas, but we can do winter forests!

  7. i really love this tree…this kind of decoration.
    thanks for the tutorial!

    i set a link at my blog. i hope you’ll agree.

    thanks a lot.


  8. Your project intrigued me — I don’t usually like to start “blind”, but the snow got me. Thanks for a great idea. I can’t wait to finish.

  9. I knew it was going to be a Christmas tree, not how I thought, but I was still right! it looks great! I can’t wait to get mine put together

  10. This is looking great Sarah… thanks so much for sharing… I’m still lagging behind having changed my green yarn & now I see how lovely the ‘snow’ is [can’t find simular snowy yarn] so I’m thinking of crocheting the white front to the back…this won’t matter will it?… just thought it might make it look more the right side around when only useing plain white yarn… what do you think???
    Funny thing I thought it might be a Christmas tree when we started the different size squares… very clever & I agree with ‘curegirl’ above might make a great card holder too… best be off to catch-up… thanks again… B

  11. This looks great!!! I joined in on Thursday and have just finished my squares… I now can’t wait to assemble them tonight and also can’t wait to see what you have in store for us on Monday with the little boxes and wrapping paper….. Thanks for sharing, I’ve had loads of fun doing this mystery crochet along and hope there are more in the furture, it’s such a great idea…

    Take Care 🙂

  12. It is wonderful! I couldn’t imagine what all those squares were going to turn into! lol Your creativity never ceases to amaze me! Thank you for sharing this lovely Christmas project!

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  14. Wonderful creation. Did not get the chance to make it this year, but I can have it ready for next. Thank you

  15. Thanks a lot for such beauty and detailed description. I will try to create this wounderful Christmas tree.

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