november :: mystery crochet project :: part 2

Ok, so by now, if you have been crocheting your little heart off,  you should have your-self a nice little pile of green granny squares varying in size, as shown in the photo above. Well done if you have made all 12 squares!

Next we are going to add a sprinkling of ‘snow’ to our green granny squares. Reach for your white yarn, I’ve chosen a textured yarn (the one shown in the photo below) it’s another favorite yarn of mine for christmas crocheting, it kind of resembles terry toweling I suppose you could say, it just adds a new dimension to your crochet. Please don’t worry if you can’t source that particular yarn as I said before plain white yarn will be perfect!

With your white yarn work one round of crochet around each of your green granny squares, refer to the photo below.

Lovely, it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Once that’s been done, it’s time to weave and trim the tails. Turn over your squares so that the wrong side is facing upward. If you have ‘worked over’ the centre tail…

…then you can simply snip that tail off. If you haven’t ‘worked over’ that tail then make sure you weave in the tail before snipping.

The wrong side of your squares should look like this now (refer to the photo below).

I only want you to weave and snip two of the remaining three tails. We will need one of the tails to assist with ‘assembling’. Refer to the above and below photo for reference as to which tails to weave and snip.

All squares should now resemble the below photo.

The next installment will be posted on Friday! We will begin assembling….

11 Comments on “november :: mystery crochet project :: part 2

  1. It already looks lovely! I can see now why you chose this particular white yarn! It looks very much like snow! I can’t wait to see the finished project, even though I have a little idea about what it might be!
    By the way, this is the first comment I let you, but I have followed your site for a long time. Guess I am one of the shy category.
    Hope you have a good day!

  2. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh, these are lovely. I am almost finished with my green squares. Can’t wait to begin putting the white on.

  3. I KNEW I should have bought the textured yarn I saw yesterday! I’ve gone a bit overboard with the yarn budget this month, so I guess I’ll have to stick with what I’ve got.

    It’s looking great 🙂 I can’t wait for the next installment

  4. Hello from New York (USA)! I came across your site about a month ago and just love it! I’m just getting started on the mystery project now, and it looks like a great project!

  5. I discover your website… it gives desire to starting again to crocheting!
    What wonderful colors!

  6. Soo pretty! I started my green squares today. Can’t wait to add the snow. I still have no clue what the end product will be, but I like surprises.

  7. Don’t know how I missed this i’m going to go and get tea and then will be playing serious catch up when I get back:)

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