Dana Barnes

What’s not to love! Giant felted granny squares!

Read more about Dana here!

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16 thoughts on “Dana Barnes

  1. those granny squares are wonderful. what a great idea to make them that big. love the loft!

  2. Sure seems like a workout, her arms are so toned! I wish mine were like that…another reason to crochet, eh?

  3. OMG!! Thank you that is fantastic….my mind is whirling trying to figure out how much roving i would need to make a square :-) Not sure hubby would be happy with me using our machine though :-( (I’m sure one won’t hurt hey?? )

  4. I agree with Iz – I noticed the arms before the crochet! It seems the bigger the crochet, the more toned the arms.
    Baby beanies = bingo wings – big crochet = Dana Arms!
    Me Do the Dana!

  5. thanks so much for sharing this NY times article which I would never otherwise have seen. The braided rugs and the giant granny squares are just amazing. I have posted about Dana Barnes work on follyandglee today and thanked you.

  6. Wow these are so amazing. I love making granny squares and incorporate them in almost all my collections in one or the other way.

  7. I wonder who her supplier is for that gorgeous fiber?!? The softness (it looks super plush anyway) and color saturation, and slight variegation are amazing.

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