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We have been in our new home now for 10 months. The whole house has been a beautiful blank canvas!

I deliberately decided not to bring all of our ‘stuff/clutter’ with us when we moved in. I’m being very conscious, mindful, with belongings and new purchases.

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”
― William Morris

I promised way back in June, when our new bed was delivered, that I’d share some pics as I went about decorating our bedroom. It is still a work in progress, I’m slowly sourcing items and taking my time.

As soon as I spotted the below image from within the pages of Belle magazine I knew in an instant that I would draw inspiration from the details for our own bedroom!

Bedroom Inspiration |Sarah London

The design is credited to, Greg Natale of Greg Natale Design.

I love everything about this space!

The lay out of our bedroom is similar, we have a balcony, a walk in robe and en-suite.

Wall colour and carpet colour are also similar.

My progress thus far,

Bedroom | Sarah London

The bed, the focus.

I went with the Ella from Freedom. It doesn’t feature the upholstered buttons, but that is something I can DIY at a later date.

Next, the bedside tables.

I went with the Como from Fantastic Furniture. The structure is good, I’ll attach some legs and handles, also at a later date.

Bedroom | Sarah London

Still on the list is,

* zebra rug

* duvet cover … I have now sourced the exact same from the US.

* three european cushions in a Chinoiserie toile print … I’m planning on sewing them, once I source the fabric I like.

* the scatter cushions … Etsy.

* lamps … still looking.

* reading chair.

It was Winter when our bed arrived, hence the faux fur accessories. The cushions and throw were also from Freedom, the duvet cover was from Spotlight.

Bedroom | Sarah London

It’s now Spring, soon to be Summer! I need to source a nice Chinoiserie Toile fabric to lift and inject some colour into the room!

Bedroom | Sarah London

Yarn + Fabric

So over the holidays I splurged a little and treated myself to a few balls of Paris yarn. I’ve been meaning to give this yarn a whirl for a while now and although I don’t normally work with cotton, with Summer just around the corner the timing is perfect.

I’ve also been sorting through my fabric stash, well some of it anyway.

Am thinking a nice florally patchwork quilt for Spring is on the cards!


Found amongst the piles, my one and only remnant of this gorgeous fabric. I’m thinking it may have been a vintage sheet or perhaps curtains, anyway, it’s always been a treasured square, love the colours, peach + pink, love the print, actually what are those flowers? Are they poppies?

Psst, it’s nearly time to officially spill the beans!

Dreams really do come true when you keep your heart and mind focused, and that’s all I’m saying for now!

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