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My beautiful daughter is engaged!

He, proposed in Sydney, just before dinner at Aria.

I’m soooo very happy for them!

Time to indulge and share a few pictures!

My daughter!

The ring!

The first date!

Uni, grad day!

If he is willing to carry the Louis . . . then he is a keeper! He is also a Sous Chef . . . tick, tick!

So they became engaged a month ago and then last week they decided that they would like an apartment of their own.

A lovely apartment was found, boxes were packed with belongings, a removalist truck arrived and delivered all the boxes to their new apartment.

A day was spent shopping for household essentials.


And also a few accessories!


And so, the next chapter of all our lives begins . . . thankfully their new apartment is only ten minutes away.

A brand new, shiny, sparkling year ahead!

There’s no better time like the present to clear the clutter and begin the year with a functional, clean desk, with Feng Shui enhancements!

At various times in the past I’ve arranged my desk following Feng Shui guidelines and it’s been lovely working in a serene, clutter free atmosphere. Admittedly, I have a slight problem keeping my desk maintained . . . well, 2013, one of my intentions is to regularly keep my desk in order!

So, I’ve created a quick mock up below if you’d like to Feng Shui your desk also for a fabulous start to 2013!

Let’s do it!
feng shui desk placement

  • Completely clear everything off the surface of your desk.
  • Bag/box it, bin it, give it, keep it, relocate it . . . clear that clutter!
  • Give your desk a thorough wipe down.
  • Within the WEALTH area of your desk place a lush green plant. (1)
  • Within the FAME area of your desk place registration of business, certificates, business cards, a red candle. (2)
  • Within the RELATIONSHIPS area of your desk place red and pink flowers in a vase or a framed wedding photo. (3)
  • Within the FAMIY area of your desk place family photos. (4)
  • Within the HEALTH area ensure to keep it clear of clutter.
  • Within the CREATIVITY area of your desk place a lamp, a journal. (5)
  • Within the KNOWLEDGE area of your desk place reference books. (6)
  • Within the CAREER area of your desk place your computer. (7)
  • Within the HELPFUL PEOPLE area of your desk place your telephone and client files. (8)

Visualise the below grid over the top of your desk for correct placement.

This is my task this afternoon! Goodbye clutter . . . tomorrow I’ll show you the end result!

If you decide also to Feng Shui your desk then please leave a link in the comments, I’d love to take a peek!

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