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fun filled

Where to start . . . we had a fun filled 3 days at the Craftexpo. We met lots of lovely people and crochet enthusiasts, our patterns and kits were a hit and sold like hot cakes!

I have to thank my daughter for driving to and fro the Show each day, she was a life saver.

And I’d like you to meet my Nan, she popped in on Saturday and she’s the one who taught me to crochet many moons ago. She taught me to make granny squares at first and then one day I saw her crocheting roses in fine crochet cotton and I said show me how to make those Nan and she said oh I don’t think you’re ready to make roses yet, I think I was 10 at the time, I pleaded and pleaded with her til she said ok, I was very persistent, and we sat out on the back patio that afternoon, she persevered with me til at last I crocheted something that resembled a rose.

Moving right along I managed to get out and snap a few pics on the last day of the Show. Below is Jackie’s gorgeous stand, always filled to the brim with beautiful fabrics and quilts. Blueberries is located on the Central Coast and is well worth a visit if you are in the area!

I met Ally at the Show, she was just lovely. Ally was working on the Blueberries stand, and she has a gorgeous new pattern out called ‘Baby Bee’s’ that you can see below. You can see more of what Ally’s been making over on her blog Sunshine and Stitching, pop in and say hello!

Next we have a pic of another fabulous stand, Retallacks Creative Sewing Centre. Located in Port Macquarie when ever I’m holidaying I make sure to pop in for a visit, again fabulous fabrics and quilts.

Now we have some pics of some gorgeous quilts from another up and coming designer, Kate Conklin. Kate’s patterns are already stocked by quite a few stores. I randomly met Kate on the Saturday, I love chance meetings, her quilts were displayed on the Material Girls Down Under stand, showcasing exquisite hand quilting they were lovely and fresh!  You can see more of Kate’s quilts over on her blog, make sure to pop in and say hello.

And as for the Quilt Exhibition (it was only a very small exhibition let’s not forgot) unfortunately the first word that pops into my head is bland and as much as I really did want to snap some fabulous shots of quilts to share with you, the only thing that caught my eye was the colourful twig tree below, funky feathered birds hanging from the branches was about as exciting as it got. Now don’t get me wrong bland is ok if you like that tea stained look, I myself have made a bland quilt or two. One of my bland quilts lives permanently in the lounge room, the kids just love, it must be that worn quality it holds. It’s made from olde world roses fabric, I hand quilted it (so I must have loved it at the time) and I even finished it with a deep scalloped border. It’s just not me anymore. So funky feathered birds it is!

And last but not least look what my gorgeous daughter surprised me with today, a lovely bouquet of colourful blooms! she knows me well! I’d like to share them with you, I so appreciated the lovely comments that you’ve left and emails received, when preparing for a Show you do burn the candle at both ends, and at times you think what am I doing and then the day arrives and it’s showtime and you have an absolute blast! So thank you for keeping me going, and thank you to all the lovely people who stopped by the stand and said hello.

For the rest of the week I’ll be filling orders, catching up on emails, catching up on some sleep (who am I kidding, most likely not) I’ll also be adding the new patterns and kits to the site, there are also some exciting things in the pipeline which I’ll be able to share with you soon I hope, and I have something to show you tomorrow, they were delivered late today, I think you’ll like them, I’ll snap a pic in the morning. And lastly there’s a giveaway still to do, I haven’t forgotten, so stay tuned!

Festive Jaffas

Thanks goes to Donna for this grand idea, you’ll need 1 packet of Jaffas + 1 glass bowl, I used an ice-cream sundae bowl.

Simply empty a packet of red Jaffas into a bowl, and voila!

One sweet table decoration. I popped a sprig of holly in for good measure.

Why stop at one bowl!

I spotted a bunch of cream and red carnations in the distance at the supermarket last night, swiftly I swooped upon them and popped them in my trolley. Nice and festive!

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