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I find when I’m in sync with the Universe and not flowing against the tide, life dishes daily doses of ‘serendipitous’ occurrences my way… and I love it! Sometimes delivered to me via my inbox, postman, an overheard conversation in the stationery aisle, a bumper sticker plastered on the car in front of me, television and even Twitter… occurrences, messages, signaling to me constantly.

Sometimes I stand in awe, it’s like, I so needed to read that, see that, hear that, think about that… today, how did you know, delivered right on queue. These messages resonate if you’re paying attention, expanding views, ideas, giving you the green light of reassurance or making you think twice.

A red light is a blessing in disguise.

I do believe that we draw things, experiences into our lives and I know that we can swing things around at any given time if we wish too.

Over the last few weeks, on and off, I had been thinking about how I’d really like a red geranium plant, potted out on the front verandah. Did I make time to actually go to the nursery to make a purchase, oh no, that would be too easy, the logical thing to do. For one reason or another I still haven’t made it to the nursery, but I do now have a lovely vivid red geranium.

Last week end we had a working-bee at my Nan’s house, cleaning out the back shed for her, tidying up the over flowing garden. My Nan has a very established garden and the chances of her having a potted red geranium were zilch. Midway through the day I mentioned to her that I’ve been meaning to get myself a red geranium, have you she said, I have one here potted up if you’d like, it came from my Sister’s taken from a cutting! Well, blow me down with a feather if there wasn’t a beautiful potted red geranium slotted in underneath the shrubs in her garden, looking out of place, waiting to be taken to it’s new home! Love, love, love it!

Most often than not, via my inbox when I receive notification that someone, subscribed to my blog, left a comment on one of my posts or a pic on Flickr etc etc you get the general idea, I’ll click on the traceable link if one was left. Nine times out of ten I’ll be exposed to something of relevance, it’s quite amazing! It simply could be the image below in somebody’s Flickr stream.

So earlier today, someone repined a photo from one of my boards on Pinterest and the notification comes through and I click on the link to this person’s boards. Lovely, lovely, lovely, lots of interesting boards to browse. One board in particular though catches my eye, and I click on it. Image overload, but my eyes focus on one image in particular, and I click on it, and then I click again to be taken direct to the source.

Here is were I landed, initially I was drawn to the ‘Do What You Love’ bit, I watched the videos (they were all awesome), loved them, and I also loved the words, the sentences that accompanied them. So I thought I’d pause a little longer and browse a few more posts. Within moments I found myself insanely laughing out loud, which I definitely needed!

– The worst of this, is that you still need the gas. So you have to just stand there and keep pumping. When life hands you dog crap on a gas pump, you keep pumping. 

The insane thing was that I should not have been laughing at all, especially out loud, about this, please pop on over and read the full post here, perhaps you’ll even find yourself laughing out loud also. I absolutely needed a good laugh out loud moment today and it was delivered, plus I also have a new motto, you guessed it . . . when life hands you dog crap on a gas pump, you keep pumping!

So grateful!

How about you, do you find that ‘things’ find you, just at the perfect moment?

By chance . . . hardly.

@ 88

{My Nans latest crocheted blanket, fresh off the hook!}

At 88, nearly 89, I hope to be still hooking too!

Be back soon to announce the winner of Granny Square Love + Yarns!

x Sarah

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