Unicorns, and all!

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

It’s always, usually, all about the Guinness and the Leprechaun and something about a pot of gold!

But, this morning as I did the school run, on the radio, this tune came across the airwaves, and I sang out loud, all the way to the school gate! And then, yes I did, I continued singing, through the Maccas drive thru, I did. I picked up an English Wrap thing, you know, that scrambled egg thing with the bacon and some sausage pattie thingo. Yep, I was a bit starverating.

And, just because, we should all believe in Unicorns, bop along! And embarrass your kids on the school run!! Today, or tomorrow, for the rest of the year, I know I’ll be mentioning, green alligators and long neck geese! But, most of all, unicorns!

Unicorns are magical! . . . the second star on the right  > > >


4 Comments on “Unicorns, and all!

  1. Oh, I hadn’t heard that in forever! Thanks!
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you, too. 🙂

  2. Remember its part of the contract we sign to become parents, we MUST embaress our kids by having fun!

  3. Gish, I hope those were the Irish Rovers! They used to have a show in Canada I adored when I was growing up.

  4. I bought this song from iTunes just so I could sing along whenever I got the mood. LOL!

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