Yarn Club! Palettes to Inspire!

Yarn Club | Sarah London | December 2013

Yarn Club | Sarah London | November 2013

Just popping in today for a quick update. Many of you have asked if past palette cards are still available.

November – sold out.

December – only a few available, be quick!

January – available.

If you would like to receive the December or January palette cards please email sarahlondontextiles@gmail.com

An invoice will be emailed through for you.

Australia $8

Rest of the World $13

* * *

We are still unpacking boxes and settling into our new home and now also dashing back to our old home . . . painting the interior and sprucing it up, to rent it out.

I found my stash of yarn from Hong Kong in the move, which I was extremely happy about! You would have heard my elation on Instagram!

I’ve since received emails in regards to shopping for yarn whilst in HK, so I’ll do a separate post, possibly next month.

Hong Kong was fabulous, we celebrated Emma’s 21st there!

Being the lucky one, when arriving back in Australia, guess who was randomly selected to have their luggage inspected! That would be me! My suitcase was three quarters full of yarn . . . the conversation turned to crochet!

I’ll say now, thanks goes to my Dad for finding the stores. I’d source the street address, that was the easy part, but actually finding the stores . . . well, that was another matter entirely! I’m so glad I had my Dad there to navigate through the bustle. Who would have guessed that one store in particular, and a very good one, which had a street facade of a narrow opened door, followed with a few flights of dingy stairs etc, would lead you to a room full of wonderful yarn and a friendly store owner!

I’ll admit right here and now, I am adventurous when traveling, but, I’m also heedful. If my Dad had not have been with us, and leading the way, I certainly would not of ventured up those stairs on my own! I’m so glad ‘we’ did.

Thanx Dad, you are the bestest! Yes I know, bestest is not a proper word, nor is thanx! I know, you’ll know what I’m saying.

And, I’m also going to say that you, Dad, will celebrate your 70th this year!

Yarn | Sarah London

We are still in semi holiday mode at the moment, and have been spending time in our new pool! The days have been warm, and evenings are spent splashing, floating, star gazing and possibly sipping a cocktail, poolside.

Pool | Sarah London

Flowers | Sarah London

Again, thank you for the new pattern love!

Sophie & Felicity have been warmly received.

I’m looking forward to seeing completed blankets. Email me, your progress and finished blankets!

And, as always . . . if you find yourself stuck on a particular round or row on any of my patterns, then simply email me. I will always guide you through. I’m about to go and help Anna (hey, Anna!) once I publish this post. Anna is in the USA, I’m currently in Australia, and we will be going over each step of the Kaleidoscope Trivet, until she has it mastered!

PS. Guess what! You’ll never guess what I found . . . it has something to do with flowers and a field


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