Yarn Club … Palettes to Inspire!

I’m so excited to introduce to you the Sarah London Yarn Club – palettes to inspire!

Delivered direct to your door each month, you’ll be able to touch, feel and absorb the colour saturation of the yarn I’ve currently been crocheting with.

You’ll be able to pop the curated colour card into your handbag and whilst shopping for yarn refer to it – matching locally available yarns with the palette. You will also receive detailed information as to where the yarns are available online for purchase.

Details and sign up are below!

Sarah London |Yarn Club


Subscriptions are currently open.

Every month, members will receive a scrumptious yarn sample card. A beautiful curated palette to inspire and guide you when auditioning hues for your future projects. Included with each yarn sample card is info detailing specific information regarding yarn composition, gauge along with where to purchase information. Members will also receive a free complementary PDF crochet pattern each month.

You may choose to pay your subscription in full or opt for monthly payments if you prefer. 

Subscriptions are limited so be quick to secure your membership!

Monthly subscription rates (shipping included) are as below:

Australia $8 AU

Rest of the World $13 AU

Sign up for your membership today!

Australian FULL

Rest of the World


Rest of the World:November

If you decide to opt for monthly payments an invoice will be emailed at the beginning of each month.

The first ‘Palette of the Month’ will ship on the 15th of November!


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