Crochet Talk: Yarn Weight

Yarn weight refers to the thickness of the yarn, not the actual weight of a ball or skein of yarn.

Conversation often arises between crocheters across the global in regards to yarn weight. Some patterns specify to use 8 ply yarn, which is a common term used in Australia to classify yarn. Crocheters in America often ask what the equivalent is in regards to yarns readily available to them and vice versa.

I’ve drawn up a comparison chart below of three commonly favoured yarns used by crocheters to hook blankets/afghans, cushions etc in Australia, UK and the USA.

Yarn Comparison Chart | Sarah London

When you look at the specs of each brand, you’ll notice that the American Super Saver yarn is slightly thicker. Working an English crochet pattern in worsted weight yarn simply means that your project will be slightly larger. The most important thing to remember . . . ensure that you correspond your crochet hook size with the yarn. The thicker the yarn, the larger the hook required. You’ll find the manufacturers recommended crochet hook size on the label wrapped around each ball or skein of yarn.

Also remember, if you find that you are a tight crocheter then go up a hook size, if you find that you are a loose crocheter go down a hook size . . . regardless of the stated recommended hook size.

Some stitch patterns call for a more closer weave and others an open weave. I personally, depending on the look I wish to achieve, and whilst hooking with 8 ply, will work my projects with hooks ranging in size from 3.50 mm, 4.00 mm and also 5.00 mm. The aim is to achieve a nice even tension in relation to the yarn used and the pattern/stitch you are working.

Lets build on the above comparison chart. I’m very much interested in learning about other commonly, favoured yarns used in other countries. My Mandala PDF class notes have been delivered across the globe. Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Germany, Hong Kong, New Zealand, USA, Norway, Canada, Italy, India, UK, Denmark, France, Israel, Rio de Janeiro and Australia! It never ceases to amaze me, the scope of my readership . . . a huge warm welcome, hello and thank you to all!

I’m inviting readers from the above countries to share with us the most popular brands of yarn favoured to hook their crochet projects with. I’ll update the comparison chart as info comes in.

I’m wondering, if I was strolling the streets of Paris, where would I shop for yarn . . . if I had a stop over in Israel, where would I go for yarn?

Share away, leave a comment or email me privately . . . favourite yarn stores across the globe, and favourite brands of yarn!


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13 Comments on “Crochet Talk: Yarn Weight

  1. Now we all use patterns from around trying to work out what weight/ply/thickness is being referred to can be a bit of a problem. Thanks for this.

  2. Thank you for that good explaination on the different kinds of yarn. I myself do crochet a lot with Schachenmayr Bravo. It’s a 100% acrylic yarn, length is 133m, ball weight is 50g, tension is 22 stitches/30 rows and yarn weight seems to be 3 from what I can see on the website ( Crochet hook size they say is 3 to 4, I would recommend 4 but I tend to crochet pretty tight.

    Sunny greetings from Kassel/Germany!

  3. Thank you for your comparison chart! My favourite yarn is the one which fits my budget! Right now that is Stylecraft Special DK. I’m thinking of trying Bergère de France which is a mixture of polyamide, acrylic and wool (40%).
    I live in Switzerland, near France, but I usually order my yarns online from the UK on the site.
    I’m really enjoying your Monday’s free patterns! Thank you!

    Sandra from Switzerland

  4. That’s a really useful little chart. As I use a lot of patterns on Ravelry I am often confused by how other countries describe their yarn thickness. I’m from the UK. The yarns I like using often are Stylecraft and similar, Patons, Sirdar and Sublime. 🙂

  5. Thank you, Sarah, for this informative post on yarns and hook sizes. It’s an area I always struggle with when looking at overseas patterns.

  6. I ordered your beautiful mandalla and I can’t wait to start it. I am going to Michael’s today for some special yarn. I noticed you used 8ply, light worsted weight, but I thought 8 ply was four ply here in the United states which is med. weight? So I am not sure what to buy. I would love any help. I want mine to turn out as beautiful as yours. love Carol

  7. On the rare occasion that I can get over there, (in the US – Louisiana) I shop at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s for yarn and related products. More often I order online as you can’t generally get a large number of skeins in the same dye lot in store.

    My favored yarns are
    I Love This Yarn (325m, 198g, worsted, 12sc, 15row, I hk),
    Vanna’s Choice(156m, 100g, worsted, 12sc, 15r, J hk),
    Knit Picks Brava (worsted, 218yd,100g, 11–14 sc = 4” on I – K hooks)
    Knit Picks Brava Sport (273yds, 100g, 16–20 sc = 4” on E-7 hooks.

    I recently purchased some Stylecraft Special DK from the UK and love it as well. Wish it were sold here.

  8. I use a lot of different yarns Stylecraft is one of my favourites but the yarn I love is Vannas Choice which I can no longer get in uk

  9. Reblogged this on Knot Just Yarn: Blog and commented:
    Sarah London has figured out the comparisons of Yarn for Australian, USA and the UK. I know this is a very common question on The Crochet Crowd. Sarah has the answers…

  10. Thanks for the clarification. I never really understood weight until I started crocheting again. I had one project I mixed weights and had to change the hook every time I changed yarns. I don’t plan on doing that again!

  11. I hope you don’t mind I shared a link to this on a crochet group I belong to on facebook, its love there as much as it is here.

    Just to assure you I haven’t copied and pasted your writing, just the address where it can be found.

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