Crochet Class: Make a Mandala

Mandala | Sarah London

Swirling with colour and encompassing an assortment of stitches . . . a crocheted Mandala is so much fun to hook!

They become addictive to make, and you just can’t stop at one. Whilst auditioning colours I soon noticed a recurrence taking place, so I jotted down my formula for colour selection and included the formula in the class notes for you.

I designed this Mandala with a total of 8 colours, following my formula you’ll have your own 8 colours selected and sorted in no time!

I tested my formula and worked a few more Mandalas which I’ll share with you over the next few days. I’m thinking of turning some of my Mandalas into cushions also!

Mandala | Sarah London

The class notes are now available!

Printer friendly, the instructions are not plastered with step by step colour pictures. Black text with only the cover displaying a single colour picture.

I’m also excited to be introducing a nice, new, purse friendly price for class notes. 

See you tomorrow with more magical Mandalas!

Mandala | Sarah London

Sarah London

Mandala PDF $1.99   AUD

To have the Mandala PDF class notes emailed direct to you, simply checkout with PayPal by clicking on the button below!

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9 Comments on “Crochet Class: Make a Mandala

  1. Thanks, Sarah, for the wonderful Mandala. Can’t wait to try it!

  2. So very lovely! You are really making me want to crochet one with all my (many) scraps.

  3. i love your colors! i also love to crochet in multitudes of brights and beautifuls! I love all the crochet but also your blogs of thoughts and life, knowing whose creating the designs brings more fun into the mix! love your mandalas!!

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