Wool-Eater Motif CAL :: Week 1

wool eater motif

Welcome one and all to the Wool-Eater Motif CAL for 2013!!

I’m looking forward to seeing everyones motifs as we progress with our hooks and yarn over the coming weeks!

I hooked three motifs today! The beauty of working motifs is that you can create a square or rectangular blanket. I’m still undecided but thinking I may join them into a rectangle.

Next week I’ll post step by step ‘joining’ pics so that we can join our motifs as we go.

Happy Hooking xox

16 Comments on “Wool-Eater Motif CAL :: Week 1

  1. Hi Sarah! I hope I could make something so pretty.

  2. I think I’ll make all of mine mine in black, white and red, to match my living room colors… Maybe red center, white middle, and black border? Not sure yet, I need to get started!

  3. Already?! I didn’t get a chance to get yarn for this – well, ok, I could have looked through my stash – but we were busy with soccer games all weekend. I went online and purchased yarn – coincidentally, the same shades as yours! have to get started!

  4. How fun, just started my first one! Seems fairly easy so far.

  5. Did middle strip of oblong motif after riping it apart 5 times Hope the second trurn around won’t be so bad… night all

  6. I’m probably going to start making some but not until next week I think, if only I had no deadlines right now! I think a blanket with these would look so good!

  7. Hi I would love to join the cal for the wool eater motif. wondering where to find the pattern and instructions? thanks so much.♥

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  9. Hi ! I’ve begun in 2012…….. and I hook this night “la Dévoreuse” the name i use in french……. 26 round (13 colors) to use yarn of average quality. Thank’s a lot again for sharing this addictive pattern !! Leelou

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