i HEART you!

Mother’s Day is not all that far away, so I’ve added a new pattern to the Store tonight.

i HEART you!!

Hook it for your Mom, and gift it to her this Mother’s Day!!

i HEART you

I’ve embellished my cushion with pom poms galore!!!

I love making my pom poms with the Clover pom pom maker . . . so easy!

Pom Poms

I have three different sizes. The two smaller ones I purchased from Purl when I was in NYC and the larger one I purchased from my local yarn store.

Basically you wrap, wrap, wrap . . .

then you cut, cut, cut . . .

then tie and remove the pom pom . . . easy!

I have a stock pile of pom poms . . . if you’d like some to embellish your i HEART you! cushion then please email me and I’ll list some in the Store!

9 Comments on “i HEART you!

  1. Dear Ms. London – Are your patterns written in American or British terms ?

    Thank you for your time.



    On Tue, Apr 23, 2013 at 3:28 AM, WordPress.com

  2. Who is that gorgeous model! What a beautiful smile.

  3. thank you so much Sarah, very lovely of you to give this pattern, 🙂

  4. The pillow and your daughter are gorgeous! I am now just an observer of your beautiful crochet and patterns. For some unknown, frustrating reason, I cannot grasp crochet patterns. I also struggle with identifying the ch, sc, dc and tr in the work itself. I’m so sad! Do you have any tips or books to help, or is there just some crochet gene that I didn’t inherit?

  5. This looks great! I love the pom poms around the cushion, such a fun addition!

  6. love it all somewhere over the rainbow makes me think of you an your talent thanx renee

  7. I bought the I Heart You and Double Happiness patterns. Color is everything. The pieces are great! because of the color. Can you write to me and give the exact color and brand of yarn? I don’t have a yarn store in town. I order all my yarn online and sometimes what I see is not what I get. It would be so much easier just to order the exact color and brand.

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