Too funny!


So, my husband (that is not my husband in the pic above) forwarded this onto me this morning . . . I have an iPad and he does not . . . so I think that explains it . . . (reversal of roles)!

I couldn’t get the vimeo clip to embed so please follow the link to view!

It will make you laugh . . . maybe even out loud!

I still do love my iPad . . . how about you??

Perhaps paper is not dead . . . after all!


11 Comments on “Too funny!

  1. Oh Sarah it was just what I needed and of course we cann’t do without paper.

  2. LOL! Technology is great; yet, it can never truly replace paper!

  3. my husband sent this to me last week. couldn’t stop laughing. a friend just sent it to me today. this one is really getting around. too funny.

  4. LOL!
    No iPad in our family. We still write “remeber”notes and leave at the kitchen table, read real (quilt)books and papers 🙂

  5. We loved it too in this house….hilarious! Hope you don’t mind but I have forwarded it on to some family and friends, laughter travelling on and on! Thankyou, Aubrey

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