December 2012

December . . . most often than not, seems to flash by in an instant. Before we know it, we are ringing in the New Year!

I managed to capture a few happy snaps in between all the activities of December!

So here we go . . .

First up, we enjoyed a morning of hooking at The School.

Here’s the lovely Yvette and the Melbourne gals who flew in that morning!

After the class, my husband and I spent a nice afternoon wandering around olde Sydney Town.

My daughter’s boyfriend moved in with us back in November, he is a Sous Chef so there have been some delish meals coming out of the kitchen.

Robert and Emma . . .

We celebrated him turning 30 in December also!

Jack purchased an old Chevy, a project for the New Year.

Matthew and I attended a lovely Christmas Party and were gifted the sweetest homemade biscuits.

The Christmas decorations were bought down from the rafters of the shed and the house began to look festive!

We went with the white tree this year, and decorated it with pink, red and gold baubles!

We made another trip to Sydney for a spot of Christmas shopping.

Presents were wrapped and placed beneath the tree.

Friends popped in for festive drinks and nibbles throughout December.

The Nutcrackers stood guard by the Christmas tree.

Christmas Eve . . . whew, it was time to pop a bottle of Moët, relax and light a Christmas candle!

Jack and his girlfriend Elizabeth on Christmas morning. I spy a little blue box! Actually we were all spoilt with Tiffany blue boxes this year. It was a Merry Christmas indeed!

Christmas morning!

We had a lovely festive champagne breakfast at home then went to my brother’s and enjoyed a delish Christmas lunch!

The pork crackling was the best ever!

And now it’s New Year’s Eve . . . I’m making a list of intentions for 2013!

I know 2012 and has been difficult for many people, myself included. It hasn’t all been roses, but, there are things to be grateful for. So turn your focus on the good things and forget about the pity party for one.

I feel 2013 is going to be magical!

Happy New Year and I’ll see you back here in 2013 for the best year ever!!

xx Sarah


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