Celebrations a Plenty!

It’s been all about ‘celebrating’ thus far for the month of November. Birthday parties, eating cake, blowing out candles, making wishes, and of course gift giving!

My brother turned 40, my niece turned 3, my daughter turned 22 and my youngest son turned 13.

My daughter has also finished her degree at University!

My brother turned 40 and went skydiving and survived!

My niece turned 3, it was all about princess dresses and nail polish!

My daughter decided that she would like to have a ‘Barbie and Ken’ themed party at home.

One Barbie cake ordered!

The bar cart was stocked!

Vodka jelly shots were made!

The drinks fridge was stocked!

There was food and a lollie bar too, but unfortunately no photos. Mirror balls, dancing and friends and family made for a lovely evening that went on well into the early hours of the next morning. Actually it was an all-nighter with the last guests leaving at 7 the next morning.

Here’s the birthday girl, in her pink ‘Barbie’ dress and jewels!

Three days later, and a spiderman cake was more the order of the evening, my youngest is now a teenager!

And the birthdays continue to roll on into December for us, with four more birthdays to celebrate before Christmas!

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