Skulls and Bones

A new pattern! I crossed over to the dark side with my hook and had a blast hooking some skulls and crossbones! Certainly not something I ever thought I’d be crocheting, but I do like to spice things up sometimes and crochet outside my comfort zone.

So, what to do with some crocheted skully bones?? Naturally this pattern lends itself to an appliqué motif . . . embellish a cushion or two or even a T-shirt and most certainly the back of a jacket.

Perfect also for a gothic garland. String a long line of skulls and bones for impact.

I decided to make a keep out, no trespassing sign, incorporating my crocheted skully bones.

To do this simply find a length of chain, paperclips etc to link up all the components.

I printed KEEP OUT and NO TRESPASSING from my home printer then cut and glued onto a piece of black cardboard.

Linking up all the components is a snap. I squirted a dob of super glue onto the crossbones to secure into place!

Once all pieces are linked hammer a nail into a door or wall and hang! Scary and spooky!!

Crocheted PDF pattern is in store NOW!


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