Healthy & Nutritious

So, half way through the school year, and the old school lunch box is lacking the nutritious packed lunches made with gusto in the beginning of the year. More pre-packaged foods are making their way in and more school lunches are being ordered from the canteen. Anyone else guilty of opting for the easy option?

It’s time to rectify, I’ve made a list to refer to, and pinned it to the fridge. By no means is it an intensive list, it’s a guide only.

Filled to the brim with veggies, fruit, some grains and protein with a dash of dairy and naturally a bottle of water, tomorrow’s lunch box is going to be stellar!

I’ve made my checklist available as a PDF if you’d like to print it out for reference also. Click on the link below!

Healthy School Lunch Box Checklist.

4 Comments on “Healthy & Nutritious

  1. How are you able to pack those things for lunch? WE have no refrigeration for our children’s lunches. I like your list, just would not be able to send much of it.

  2. Great list! Another idea, like for the yogurt, would be to freeze it. By the time lunch rolls around, it’ll be enjoyable even if it’s still partially frozen and help keep those other items nicely chilled. Fruit doesn’t have to remain whole to be nutritious…fruit slushies are delicious (again, while helping other items remain cold).
    I do know what you mean about the zeal of the new school year wearing off and being replaced by convenience. One can have both by buying in bulk and making ahead and freezing certain items in reusable storage containers.

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