Finnish, Dutch and German Editions

Granny Square Love, the Finnish, Dutch and German editions were delivered to my door this morning!

I’m so very, very happy!

It’s a massive thrill see my book translated into other languages, thank you!

German Edition

Finnish Edition

Dutch Edition

11 Comments on “Finnish, Dutch and German Editions

  1. massive congrats on the books!!!! crochet rocks!!!!

  2. Congratulations, Sarah! I want an edition in Catalan or Spanish, please! You are the person who makes the best granny squares in the world! I love all your creations! Many thanks to you that give me good times!

  3. Sara a quando il libro in Italiano perchè io possa acquistarlo e capire meglio il punto che hai fatto in sette lezioni, mi sono sforzata ma ho capito poco, un abbraccio Maria

  4. congratulations!
    I would like a copy in spanish too!

    thanks for your effort and dedication, so inspirating!

  5. I just got my copy today (I’ve been coveting it for awhile now) and it’s wonderful. Well done!

  6. I finally found a copy today and quickly got my greedy little hands onto it…..hooray! Love, Love, Love it. Thanks Sarah.

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