Wool-Eater :: Wednesday

I’ve not worked one single stitch on my Wool-Eater, but it’s been circulating keeping us toasty. The rain has set in, hello Autumn!

So today I have two spectacular completed Wool-Eater’s to show you! Thank you Tina and Trish for sending through your pics.

27 Rounds worked and Tina’s completed Wool-Eater measures approximately 62 x 72 inches! As Tina hooked her blanket each colour was introduced depending on her mood and also experiences encountered. I love that idea!

23 Rounds worked and here is Patricia’s Wool-Eater completed! I’m not sure on the measurements, Trish, are you able to leave a note in the comments re: final measurements. Trish worked her blanket in lovely warm, rich colours!

If you’ve completed your Wool-Eater, then please email through a pic to share!

13 Comments on “Wool-Eater :: Wednesday

  1. Wish I’d known about this wonderful site to participate! The two pictured are beautiful!!! Would it be possible to get the actual colors used in the “warm” colored one? (the one pictured on the bottom) Thank you!!!!!

  2. Wow, these are beautiful 🙂 Itching to get started on mine but must finish my mums bedscarf first. I especially love the autumn theme for Trish’s blanket.

  3. Hi, I love the “wool eater” and would love to have a go, but as a novice, how do you estimate the amount of wool you need so as not to run out of that colour before you complete the “round”? I love seeing everyone’s colour combinations.

  4. I had so much fun with this project, Sarah, that I was almost sorry to be done with it. I have to admit though, with the warmer weather starting to set in, I’m VERY happy it’s done, because it’s definitely the WARMEST afghan I’ve ever made!! Looking forward to any future crochet-alongs you might host someday! Thank you so much for hosting this one! ((big hugs))

  5. These two blankets are just fantastic! I’ve got two more colours to do on mine and then I’m finished. I’ll send you the photos when I’m done 🙂 Maggie xx

  6. OMG! Just happened onto your site off craftlog. Amazing…Luv your stuff! Looking forward to trying out the ‘craft eater’ project.

  7. The link to the oblong wool eater directions above is not working. It takes you to the square wool eater. I am almost done with my square one, pics to come, and I have the yarn to start the oblong one and I need the directions to start it. Thanks

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