My Grandfather passed away after a few years of living with Alzheimer’s. I miss him. He played a big part in my life.

My eldest son then had a motorcycle accident. We are now home from hospital and we’re certainly counting our blessings as the outcome could have been much worse. He has a few wounds that will take time to heal, and back pain that is causing him discomfort, he is up and walking a few times a day, slowly, which is fabulous! It’s emotionally heartbreaking when conversations between the Doctors revolves around internal bleeding, a displaced pelvis, lumbar fracture etc… Anyway you get the picture. For 24 hours we were holding our breath until all the results, scans and x-rays came in. We are so grateful and moving forward.


58 Comments on “Absent

  1. So sorry to hear of your grandfather’s passing and your son’s accident. Good thoughts and prayers being sent your way.

  2. Sorry for your loss. My mom had that for severa years and it was sad and a relief when she passed away. I hope you find solice in your work.

  3. Oh Sarah…I am so sorry…what a tough time you are having…thank god your son is alright…a mothers worst nightmare for sure….hang in there….and try to find some hook time I’m sure it will sooth the soul……

  4. Hey.. you carry on, be strong and come back to us when you’re ready.

    Sending you better and more beautiful days to come.. my very best to you all.

    Helen x

  5. Dear Sarah, I am thinking of your Son, the pain the process of healing, goes well and for You and your Family friends that care so much remain strong for him and all of you. Renee

  6. I’m sorry to hear of your grandfather’s passing and hope your son recovers quickly.

  7. Hi Sarah
    I’m sorry for your lost. I am going through a similar roller coaster. My grandma is 93 and she is showing signs of Dementia. I am her care giver and every day is an adventure. I cry and sometimes I feel I will not be able to handle when the time
    comes for her to leave this world. I just keep praying for God’s help.

  8. So sorry for your loss. Such a blessing that your son is safe…that is SO SCARY!!! Can’t wait to see what you’re up to next…

  9. I’m so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you with your grandfather’s passing and then your son’s accident. I’ll pray for your family

  10. Having lost my m-i-l last year after several years of dealing with Alzheimer’s I feel your pain. And I have an idea of the emotional stress in dealing with your son too. My 8 year old just had major back surgery in January. She is non-verbal so can’t really tell us exactly where and when it hurts. Yarn is my comfort.

    Make some time for your yarn too. You can’t be of help if you aren’t in a good state yourself.


  11. Commiseration and Congratulations, I can see what you mean by an emotional roller coaster! Give that boy a paddy whack when he gets well enough!

  12. Sarah, I am sorry for your loss and for your son’s accident. I hope everything goes well from this point on.

  13. so sorry for you,life is just one challenge after another! Thank you for all the patterns sent so promptly,I am a fan for life..I’m sure things will turn around for you,good luck with your son,and you just take things as slowly as you need to.

  14. Oh wow, that is a lot to deal with. I am so sorry to hear about your grandfather. I’ve been through that with my grandmother. You know its going to happen but that doesn’t make it easier when it finally does happen. It is just so final I guess. I’m glad your son is okay and will heal. How scary to go through all of that. I’ll be thinking of you and wishing you some happy hooking thoughts…. just make sure its with a crochet hook ;O)


    Donna C.

  15. My goodness, what an eventful hiatus. I’m sorry to hear of your grandfather’s passing, and your son’s accident. You have my thoughts.

  16. Sarah, I’m so very sorry for all the sadness that your grandfather’s death brings, and also for the accident your son had. He is in my prayers for a speedy recovery, and you are in my prayers for healing and peace of mind, free from worry.

  17. So sorry to hear about the passing of your Grandfather. I am sure he is in a much better place now. Also, so sorry about your son’s accident. Will say a little prayer that he swiftly recovers. You certainly need a quiet time to collect yourself. Thinking about you. Karen

  18. So sorry to hear your grandfather passed away. And then on top of it your son has an accident. Wishing a lot of strength and good health hope your son recovers soon and all goes well after that. We will see you when you are ready.

    Hugs from the Netherlands

  19. I am very sorry for the loss of your grandfather and for your sons accident God bless your grandfather and son. May everyone in your family find some comfort and peace and may your son have a speedy recovery. You will be in our thoughts and prayers God bless you all.

  20. Prayers and heartfelt sympathies being sent your way for a speedy healing on all levels, for you, your son and all your family

  21. Sorry to read of the events you are are living through and send you warmth and love and healing to your son.

  22. Sorry for your loss. I hope your son recovers compeltely soon. You, your son and your family are in my prayers. Everything will be ok. Hugs.

  23. So sorry for your grandfather! May he rest in peace! And I hope your son’s recovery is fast!

  24. Sarah, I’m so sorry for your loss and then the accident too. I do hope you’re getting thing back to “normal” for your self! Prayers for your sons quick recovery.

  25. Sarah, I’m sorry for the loss of your grandfather. I’m glad your son is recovering from his accident. I’ll keep you in my thoughts during this difficult time.

  26. Hi Sarah – My thoughts and prayers are with you as I too lost my grandfather just two weeks ago. Stay strong, especially for your son, and I send you light and love to help you heal….. lol xxx

  27. Trouble seems to come in twos or threes it seems. I am sorry about your grandfather but such a relief about your son. I admire your courage. Keep it up.

  28. Ohh sorry for ur grand father… and sure your prayers got ur son back… sure he’ll be alright with your prayer and care…. our prayers will be there for your son… always….

  29. Dear Sarah,

    I am so sorry you’ve had so much to deal with – my grandmother suffers from advanced Alzheimer’s, and is now almost completely unaware of who and what is around her, yet still when we get a call that she has yet another infection, I am devastated at the thought of her dying. So I understand completely, and to have your son’s accident to deal with aswell, I can only imagine how awful that must have been.

    I find crochet very calming and therapeutic, and I hope it has that effect on you too as you pick up your hooks again!

    Rachel x

  30. I’m so sorry to hear about your troubles, Sarah, and the emotional roller coaster you have been on. You are very wise to take up the hook. It’s healing properties are endless. My thoughts are with you.

  31. Wishing you and your family every strength as you come through this difficult time. You will all be in my thoughts.

  32. Gecmis olsun. I wish everything in your life be in the normal route again. Please sleep very well and drink water enough to get energy to cope with the difficulties.

  33. Dear Sarah, my condolences on the loss of your grandfather. You have such a beautiful spirit; you really inspire me with your lovely works. I am sorry, too, for the pain and long recovery ahead for your son, but I thank the Father for his delivery. Thank you for all you give and I will keep you in my prayers. Marie

  34. So sorry to hear of your trials, but grateful for what seems to be brighter days ahead. Love the healing power of being creative with our hands (crocheting, etc.) – it’s as if we are tying up our broken hearts and souls with the binding warmth of love and yarn. Sending smiles and hugs your way.

  35. Oh my Sarah, my best wishes to you and your family. Make sure to take care of yourself too!

  36. Hi Sarah,sorry to hear of your news.I pray for a speedy recovery and complete healing for your son. I love your crochet stuff.iamdoing a blanket in lilac and White . Keep crocheting it will be a comfort and blessing to you

  37. Sarah, je suis navrée d’apprendre les douleurs de la vie qui vous touchent. Mes pensées amicales et mes prières pour votre grand-père et la guérisson de votre fils. La moto a toujours été ma peur pour mon fils.
    Prenez aussi soin de vous, nous vous attendrons. Sincères consolations.

  38. Hi Sarah,
    My prayers to you and your family. May you feel the presences of our Lord holding you and your family in the palm of his hand. Take a deep breath and take care of yourself.
    Sending you heart felt wishes to you and your family

  39. You have suffered a great deal! I hope you get through everything ok.
    I started your wool-eater afghan on Tuesday and love how easy and beautiful it is!

  40. Sorry to hear of your son’s accident but glad he is on the mend. My dad has Alzheimer’s and I know from experience its a challenging journey.

  41. So sorry to hear of your loss and your sons accident as they say it never rains but it pours my best wishes go out to you and your family.

  42. Wow! Hope you are starting to feel relieved and a little more settled, sorry to hear about your grandfather and glad to hear your son is ok. Is this the same one that had a bad fall from his bike (push) when he was younger??

  43. Sarah;

    I’m glad to hear your son is on the mend. As an EMT (and wife of an avid biker) I have seen my share of motorcycle accidents and experienced the dreaded police visit at midnight saying my husband was intensive care after being struck by a drunk driver. You’d think I’d have been prepared as an EMT…not so. I was a marshmallow. I spent many hours by his bed with crochet hook in hand. It was a blessing to be able to do “something” while he laid in the bed on a respirator, never knowing if he’d recover or not. It took 6 months for him to make a full recovery and thankfully without any lasting side effects. My prayers are with your son for a full recovery and your family during this time of loss.


  44. Oh my ,I am so sorry to hear of all the struggles you and your family are experiencing.
    You are in my prayers.

  45. O my goodness, Sarah, I’m so sorry your loss. We have a family member with this awful awful condition, it is heartbreaking. I am glad to hear your son is on teh mend and hope that he has continued to go from strength to strength.

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