Wool-Eater CAL :: Week 8

Two rounds worked . . . burgundy plus a brightly coloured variegated!

It’s getting ginormous! I’ll be continuing to add a few more rounds before it’s completed.

The schedule for this week is:

  • February 29th – March 7th . . . . . work 2 rounds.

8 Comments on “Wool-Eater CAL :: Week 8

  1. i’m so far behind but still really loving working on my blanket – problem is it is too big to carry around anymore! so only working on it when at home (which is very very rarely) x

  2. Hello everyone,

    The Wool-Eater blankets i view on several sites and in the Flickr group are so nice to see and the progress is showing now.
    I’ve completed quite a few rounds too and my blanket is getting bigger, heavier and colourfull as the rounds get added. I really enjoy working on it.
    My photo’s can be viewed here:


    Greetings from Alice

  3. Hi Sarah! I didn’t post my afghan this week, but am happy to say, that FINALLY, I am actually caught up with the group!.. as per the suggested schedule laid out for us! (if you remember, I started a bit later than most everyone else)…. “Ginormous” is RIGHT! It’s getting VERY big, and as I finish these last two rounds, I really am so pleased with this project, and proud of it too!! I’ll be showing the completion of my afghan next Wednesday!

  4. The last round of yarn looks too pretty and colorful. Does it actually match well with the rest of the rounds? Can’t make out as the pics don’t show the complete rounds. I am so eager to view the finished item.


  5. So i must make 4 rounds more end I’m finish. You can see my blanket by flickr.

    bin fast fertig noch 2 Reihen

    I hope you like it . Im proud of it. 🙂

  6. I just started the wooleater and in the instructions it says when you start the second round to crochet 12 in the middle? I can’t figure out where to do this? Any further instructions would be soooo appreciated.

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