Wool-Eater CAL :: Week 7

Three rounds worked . . . pink, teal and brown!

After having a quick glance, I haven’t repeated an exact colour as yet. Once I’ve worked a particular colour, brand of yarn etc I exclude it from my yarn basket for this project.

Our Flickr group is bursting with colour! Many of our blankets are growing to quite a substantial size!

The schedule for this week is:

  • February 22nd – 29th . . . . . work 2 rounds.

I’ve had many emails re: PDF Pattern Party . . . a new post with details will follow shortly. Also a new iCrochet board is up and filling fast, ensure to add your link!

I have a lovely, peachy weekend ahead, a day in Sydney at  The Wine Festival and a Travel Expo to attend.

Do you have lovely plans for the week-end ahead?


4 Comments on “Wool-Eater CAL :: Week 7

  1. I am new to crochet and I am trying to get started on the square wool-eater. I think it is a gorgeous pattern. I can make the 4 cluny, but then I get confused w/ the 12 dtr – do I leave the stiches on the hook and pull through like the cluny or do I do each one individually? Where exactly is the top of the cluny? Could someone please explain round 2 to a beginner.

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