Wool-Eater CAL :: Week 6

I’m running late this week, the week has flown by!

My three rounds worked . . . lilac, lemon and variegated green!

The schedule for this week is:

  • February 15th – 22nd . . . . . work 3 rounds.

Our Ravelry group is up and running, thank you to the lovely Tora (GypsyDancer).

Pop in and join the group, share your pics and join in on the conversation!



9 Comments on “Wool-Eater CAL :: Week 6

  1. My rectangle is smaller across the narrow ends, then widens along the long ends. What am I doing wrong?

  2. Hi Sarah! Love the colors you’ve added, and I like the idea of using variegated yarn! Although in my case, as I treat my own afghan kind of like a diary/journal in regards to choice of color, I suppose I would probably turn to a variegated yarn if maybe I was experiencing a “so much was going on, my head was spinning”, chaotic, busy type of way!! Right? Ya think?!… Well, I just joined your Ravelry group, but it’s my first time back there in AGES. Hate to show my blonde, but I’ve always had trouble navigating the place. I feel like I need either a manual, a GPS, or my own personal tour guide!!.. But hopefully, maybe, eventually, I’ll get the hang of the place better! I did manage to get my project and a couple photos up for this project, so I must be getting a little better at it!… Have a great weekend! ((hugs)) ~tina

  3. Sarah your projects look great. I’m hooked on this Wool-eater pattern!

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