Pin Project # 2.

Green Smoothie.

For something like a zillion, billion years I’ve had drink a green smoothie daily on my to do list. Sadly, I’ve not even sipped on a green smoothie, laziness! So this week I’m selecting from my Food board!

I have a few different green smoothie recipes pinned so I think I’ll be doing some research, some blending and experimenting over the weekend.

If you happen to have a favourite green smoothie recipe then I’d love to sample it. Please leave a link in the comments to the recipe, or email it through etc.

I’ll share my favourite next Friday!


4 Comments on “PIN & DO

  1. Green lemonade
    1 head romain lettuce or celery
    5-6 stalks kale
    1-2 apples (organic fuji)
    1 while organic lemon
    1-2inches fresh ginger.


  2. Green smoothie… hehehe, I’d rather a cup of tea and a piece of that pink cake!

    Hope you’re having a good Sunday

    Lots of smiles x

  3. Oh my gosh, if you are looking for a green smoothie recipe I have the BEST one for you (as long as you’re not allergic to peanuts!). I found it on Pinterest–even my kids drink it! Here you go…enjoy!

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