So throughout January I pinned and I pinned and I pinned some more. Yes, it is addictive! My boards are filling up, filled with an interesting assortment of inspirational things to make, bake, explore . . . well, you get the picture, lots of ideas! I’ve decided now is the time to take some action! There’s no point in aimlessly pinning away without pausing long enough to incorporate some of those ‘grand idea’ pins into your life.

Of course I’m not actually going to stop pinning, I’m simply going to start doing! Meaning, pin and do! Each Friday I’ll be selecting a pin from one of my boards and taking action, occasionally I may select one, two or even three pins. Then over the following weekend I’ll be setting aside an hour or two to action each pin. I’ll be sharing my progress the following Friday along with my next pin project!

If this sounds like a good idea and something that you might like to do also, then please join me each Friday with your pinny project, we can keep each motivated!

I’ll be back shortly to share Pin Project # 1.


  1. Oh my gosh. I so understand this! I started experimenting before Christmas though and started a board of the Pinterest things I’ve tried, moving those items to the new board. =) Its been fun. I only have a few, but it feels pro-active! You’ve really just begun with blogging your Pinned Projects. I love the idea!

  2. I think this is a great idea. I’ve done a few pins and several recipes. I can’t wait to see what you do with your creative juices.

  3. I see myself in this post! I’ll start doing more and clean up the pinning points of my board!!

  4. I will try to join you on this. You are absolutely correct that it is to easy to pin and pin and never do anything. Doing is everything! :o)

  5. Sarah all your pins inspire me! Love your eye for design and details. Pinning lead me me to you and your wonderful blog! I am a caregiver to my wonderful husband and my days would be duller without my wonderful world on my computer. You are right, we need to make sure we use some of the wonderful things we pin! Looking forward to seeing what you do, I am sure it will be with style, color and joy!

  6. Great Idea………….I was just thinking the same thing a few days ago.

  7. I like this. Hopefully this will show that pins are inspiration and not just copying. I’m happy when I think one of my items will be an inspiration to others. Looking forward to what you do! 🙂 great idea

  8. Oops! Me too :). Pinterest was like a new colorful world to me. So no wonder I sat for hours n hours and pinned. But now it is a time to make something. Pinning can be done in an hour or tow.

  9. I am new to pinterest and it is so absorbing I can easily lose a few hours of making time just pinning! I’ll be back to see what projects you choose. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  10. This is such a great idea and has inspired me to aim to do (at least) one of my pins a week… I’m all too aware of the Pinterest time-sucking track where your boards just keep getting bigger… too many bits of loveliness to look at and pin… shouldn’t complain tho’, it’s where I found this CAL 😉

  11. Oh this is me- notorious pinner and no doing! I’m definitely going to join you 🙂

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