Hi everyone! How’s the past week been? Did lots of hooking get done?

I hooked my 3 scheduled rounds, linen, pink and black!

We have many newcomers to welcome to the CAL this week. Welcome one and all! Let me stress there is no rush to catch up, just work at your own pace.

A lovely heartfelt shout out and thank you to the lovely team at Craft. I’ve been privileged a number of times to be featured on their blog, which in turn always equals a spike in stats, participation, followers, lovely mentions and the like. They do an amazing job highlighting many projects around the net, keeping you in the loop!

This last week I filled my yarn basket with skeins/balls of yarn that were approx. 100 grams. Each round is now eating up nearly, but not quite, 100g. I’m still enjoying dipping in and seeing what colour I draw next for each consecutive round!

I’m planning on doing an exercise within the next few weeks on this method for those who are interested, so keep your eyes peeled.

I’m hoping to get back to regular blogging now that school has resumed for 2012. My youngest began high school on Monday, so far so good and the homework has already began streaming in! Adjustments to routine have been made, timetables have been printed and pinned to the wall to help him get into the swing of his new life at high school. Allotted time for homework each evening (I managed to work a few granny squares whilst supervising homework time last night) I like to multi-task! Egyptian numerals were on the agenda last night plus a double sided maths sheet. I don’t recall ever studying Egyptian numerals when I was at school, Roman numerals, yes, but not Egyptian. I found it quite interesting and plan on doing a piece of art work to display on the wall. Should the need ever arise where Egyptian numerals are required we will be in the know and ready!

Emma has been baking non-stop, keeping the house stocked with lots of delectable home-baked goods. Rocky Road cupcakes last night, and Red Velvet tonight!

I was also spoilt this week with a lovely champagne breakfast!

A new iCrochet board is filling fast, be sure to add your link and don’t forget to upload your Wool-Eater pics to our Flickr group!


11 Comments on “WOOL-EATER CAL :: WEEK 4

  1. Egyptian numerals? I don’t even know what those are!!! I loathe homework like that. How are you supposed to help?

    Loving the pink and black rows together on the blanket!

  2. Love how your afghan is coming along! I’m almost caught up now, just behind only one round behind, and I’ll work on that tonight! Posted about it today! Love how those cupcakes look!! You won’t mind if I take one with me, would you?… Have a great night, and thanks for hosting! I’m really enjoying this project! ((hugs))

  3. I came across your blog (via Ravelry I think) last week and I love love love this pattern. I’m a little late for joining in the CAL as I’m just finishing off my current project but I’m going to get started ASAP. I’m thinking I’ll make a rectangular one to use as a rug in my bedroom.

  4. The wool eater blanket looks great! You always pick the prettiest colors. πŸ™‚
    That breakfast is making my tummy rumble. lol

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