Four more rounds worked! Orange, pale blue, brown and yellow. The yellow round I hooked this morning.

It’s measuring 23 inches wide x 36 inches in length. Measurements will vary for everyone, so don’t be concerned if your measurements are different . . . lots of factors to be taken into consideration, yarn, hook size, tension etc.

The schedule for this week is:

  • January 25th – February 1st . . . . . work 3 rounds.

Today I thought I’d try and answer some questions that have come in so here goes!

Karen asked: Will this be registered as a CAL on Ravelry?

Absolutely! Why not . . . rise your hand if you’d like the task.

PJ asked: Where are the directions?

You’ll find the directions here!

Tina asked: Would it be too late to join later on?

Please feel free to join in any time you like, the more the merrier!

Jenny asked: Do you block each piece before you take your photo? Is it ok to steam block (on the ironing board) as you go (because you want nice pictures) or is it best to just block at the finish considering it is such a big project? Do you have any advice about photos of works in progress? 

No, I rarely block any of my work. Luck of the draw maybe . . . I find that if you are using the correct hook size taking into account the yarn you are using and are hooking with a nice even tension then blocking is not required. An exception to this would be if you were hooking an intricate lace pattern for example, then I would probably block. Basically when taking photos of my work I clear off my dining table, switch off the lights, lay out my work and give it a smooth over with my hands if required, and begin shooting. I spend less than 5 minutes taking photos, that’s the beauty of digital cameras, you can take multiple shots quickly. No special lighting, no flash. I love my macro lens, I rarely switch over to my other lenses, I do like to skim across the surface of my work, to capture this I get down low to the table and click away!

Carol asked: Do you reach in with your eyes open or closed?

It’s a lucky dip!

Dinah asked: I am allergic to wool. Possibility of other yarns?

100% acrylic, 100% wool, cotton . . . the choice is yours!

Helena asked: Do you have to use wool or could you use any other yarn? What type of yarn do you use?

100% acrylic, 100% wool, cotton . . . the choice is yours! I’m mostly using 100% acrylic along with a hint of 100% wool . . . it’s all about the colours. If I have a fab colour which is 100% wool I’ll mix it in.

Anne asked: Are you going to have anything on Ravelry as well?

Absolutely! Why not . . . rise your hand if you’d like the task.

Sarah asked: Is this pattern in UK terms?

The instructions are written in Australian/UK terms.

Maggie asked: Is it too late to join?

It’s never too late!

Patricia asked: How do we download the pattern??

You’ll find the directions here!  Simply click on the link.

Christina asked: Approximately how many skeins of yarn does it take to do a nice size throw?

Good question! I’ve never calculated that as I’ve often used up oddments from my stash, maybe someone who is hooking a structured colour theme may like to keep a record . . . any takers?

Marilee asked: What happens if you run out of yarn half way through a round?

I simply just join a new skein/ball of yarn with a knot and continue working and weave the loose ends in later.

Caro asked: Your instructions say to use a 4 mm hook, but your photos in the tutorial show that you are using a 3.5 mm hook. Can you please clarify.

Yes, when I took the shots for the tutorial I was hooking with a 3.50 mm hook, I chop and change, sometimes I’ll use a 3.50 mm hook and sometimes a 4.00 mm even a 5 mm. It all depends how I wish the finished article to look basically. It is best to check the hook size recommended for the yarn you are using. If your work is to tight then go up a hook size, if it seems to be to loose go down a hook size. Generally a 4.00 mm hook is recommended when working with 8 ply/DK yarn. I’m currently hooking my Oblong blanket with a 4.00 mm hook!

Tracy asked: Could I ask is the above pattern written in US terms?

The instructions are written in Australian/UK terms.

Ok, I don’t think I missed any, if you have a question then fire away in the comment section below or you can email me privately if you prefer, I’ll update this post as we go.

Happy Hooking!

22 Comments on “WOOL-EATER CAL :: WEEK 3

  1. For Christina : quantity used, in row 13 (in square) 50 gr for a complete row (2 rows) with hook 3.5 so I think I will use for the complete blanket something like 30x 50 gr… or more!

  2. Thankyou for answering the questions in your latest email, it helps to clarify things for us all out here…
    oh I do hope the Rav. group occurs..what fun..

  3. yours looks great Sarah, I always thought you must block your work it looks so good, turns out it is pure talent! I am keeping up and love this project.
    I am only using 8ply Carnival yarn from Big W, but I bought it for this project so can easily keep track of how much I use. I took a ‘before’ photo of my colours, so I will do a comparison post when I finish this weeks 3 rounds.

  4. Hi Sarah! I am doing my best to catch up, but with not too much difficulty, as crocheting is my way of unwinding at night, when I can finally kick my feet up and watch a movie, or a little t.v…. I just posted on my blog, on yesterday’s post, how I’ve begun participating in this crochet-along, while also including your button on my right sidebar. I am up to seven rounds now, so I’m not TOO terribly behind now! LOVE this project; and having never tried it before, I’m fascinated with the pattern. I admit, I tend to crochet loosely, but I think it’s coming along nicely so far, and I really am enjoying the process! I’ll see you again for the next Wool Eater Wednesday to share my progress; and in the meantime, it’s been fun seeing everybody’s work on Flicker!!! I’m so glad I signed up for this!

  5. HERMOSA!!! me encantan tus trabajos y este me tiene fascinada…lo he intentado hacer y no me sale,,,hoy voy a intentar nuevamente…gracias por compartir estas obras de arte que haces con tus manos…desde argentina, rio cuarto ,provincia de cordoba. http://www.milugarenelmundo-fabi.blog

  6. It’s coming out gorgeously. I was curious about the what happens if you run out of yarn in the middle of a round too and you kind of answered it but I was thinking about the color change. Do you just reach in and grab whatever to keep the round going? It doesn’t look like you’ve had to do this yet.

  7. Looks wonderful! I’m still a bit behind – just on my 8th round but I’ll catch up this weekend 😉 Maggie xx

  8. Thank you Sarah for all your good advice. I shall endeavor to emulate your excellence! I am up to my 15th row and it’s getting hot!

  9. I’m lovig this CAL – a little behind as I was late starting, but it’s going to be obsessional, and I’m sure I’ll be well on with it very soon! Thank you for the clear instructions 😉

  10. Hi Sarah 🙂

    I actually am doing 2 baby blankets on this pattern, and for one of them i didnt had enought yarn, this pattern is quite easy to calculate in matematic way 😛 will try to explain what I done, Im working in squre form, started with 4 squares (first row) and each row increases in 4 squares, so mainly u have to weight ur blanket when u end a row, divide the weigth by square… mine gave something like 0,6gr for square, I wanted 13 rows total, and calculated that 13 rows will have 364 squares, then just multply for the gr u got for each square 😛
    Maybe there is a more simple way to do it, this was my way 😀


    Catarina Appelgren

  11. I just love this blanket! I’m not joining in, as I have too many projects going right now, but every time you post an in-progress pic, I long to start one of these for myself!!! Love it!

  12. Sarah, I keep on being drawn back to this beautiful pattern since I saw it on Pinterests. I’ve tried my best to say “no, you have too many WIPs”, but to no avail… I have to make one of these 🙂

    Also, since I’m going to make it and I agree with other’s comments that it would be nice if we had a group on Ravelry, I’d be happy to start up a group and be the admin. Before I do, I have to have at least 3 people put their hands up and say they want a crochet-a-long group for this, ideally I’d like at least 1 moderator (not a necessity, but helpful), and I’d also like to ask permission to use one of your lovely photos for the group’s banner.

    Let me know what you think.
    Tora (GypsyDancer)

  13. Your work is so vibrant! I love it! I plan on joining the CAL in about a month, I hope that’s not too late. I’m really looking forward to processing some of my yarn!

    BTW – I’ve bestowed an award on you for “versatile blogger” come by my blog and take a look when you get the chance.

    Have a great day!

  14. Could I still join you ?
    I have just crocheted 4 rows at the moment but hope to completed it in the next weeks 😉
    Thanks !

  15. I need the directions to the oblong wool eater. The link above is not working and I know they were posted here before back in Jan or Feb when the CAL started, I saw them, but guess I did not print out a copy. I have my wool to start one for my son-in-law and cannot get the link to the directions to work. Thanks, Christina.

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