2012 Chinese Horoscope

I purchased Your Chinese Horoscope 2012 by Neil Somerville earlier this month in preparation for the Chinese New Year.

Your Chinese Horoscope: What the Year of the Dragon Holds in Store for You: 2012

Today I paused and read in anticipation of the year ahead!

If you’re not certain which Chinese zodiac sign you are then the reference chart below will tell you.

Looking forward to a fabulous 2012!


4 Comments on “2012 Chinese Horoscope

  1. Oh, the book looks good!.. Wondering if I should pick it up myself!… I did read up, just a little, on the internet. I’m a “year of the tiger”, and it’s fun reading what they say about that. Yesterday, in light of my research, I wore red, I’m currently crocheting red and gold colors into my wool-eater afghan, and I did no housecleaning! I read housecleaning was bad luck on Chinese New Year. It was a great sacrifice (ahem) to avoid all the sweeping, and dusting, and that sort (cough, cough), but far be it for me to break tradition, and I’d hate to sweep away any good luck! (0; Actually, I’m very inspired to try drawing/painting a dragon (and maybe a tiger too) in my art journal, in observance of Chinese New Year! I think that would be great fun!.. Happy New Year to you!

  2. Don’t forget that the Lunary year is not from January to December. So if you’re born in January or February, check the exact New Year date for that year to determine your animal. For example, I’m a dog because I was born in January of a “pig year”.

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