I managed to add a few extra rounds over the course of the week, making a total of ‘8 rounds’ worked. Yay, I’m ahead of schedule by 2 whole rows! I’ve loved popping over to our Flickr group and seeing all the fabulous colour combinations, I think we’re all off to a fabulous start!

The schedule for this week is:

  • January 18th – 25th . . . . . . . . work 4 rounds.

I’ve been enjoying working this pattern in the oblong, basically I’ve just been reaching into the stash basket and adding which ever coloured yarn I pull out first. This is my favourite method when working scrap blankets!

x0x Sarah

21 Comments on “WOOL-EATER CAL :: WEEK 2

  1. This is stunning Sarah… I don’t think I have seen that pattern before.. it is conjuring up all kinds of ideas in my head! :)x

  2. I love it!!! Don’t have the time right now to jump in, but really love the idea and the stitch, I will definitely make one one day…

  3. I love your blanket and the way you randomly pick the yarns!… I’m only on the 5th row but I’m gonna try and do the 6th tonight. I’m finding it quite challenging to keep up but I’m really enjoying watching my blanket grow. As soon as I’ve finish the 6th I’ll post another photo. Maggie xx prettyflowersinthewindow.blogspot.com

  4. Lovely!
    What a great idea for yarn scraps.
    Have a happy.

  5. Wow!!! Beautiful. Still afraid to start on mine. So many other things to finish.

  6. Hey Sarah, I am doing your crochet along too and have posted one picture so far. Your crochet photos always looks stunning. Do you block each piece before you take your photo? Surely your crochet is not this perfect! Is it ok to steam block (on the ironing board) as you go (because you want nice pictures) or is it best to just block at the finish considering it is such a big project? As I progress with the work and different types of wool (all the same ply though) my rug takes on some unusual shapes and makes my work look a bit wonkie. Do you have any advice about photos of works in progress? I just HAVE to love you! Jenny.

  7. I enjoy your oblong pattern and the stich.
    It grows quiet easily, my only real doubt is about the colors i should use.
    My name on flickr is mamitamam
    My blog post is here http://0z.fr/ufCpN
    I love your wonderful colors

  8. I just noticed a lot of comments from January. Now I feel silly..this thing is probably over! Oh well, I’m going to learn this pattern anyway! I hope to get in on one of the stitch alongs some other time. It will happen I’m sure. Thanks and God Bless You! Cheri

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