Long time, no see!

How are you, how have you been?

We arrived home from Hong Kong and I’ve not stopped. It’s a busy time of the year!

First of December today, first day of Summer here in the Southern Hemisphere, not a lot of sunshine, it’s cold and rainy, grey skies. While the weather is cooler I plan on spending the next few days sprucing up the garden beds, they’ve been sadly neglected. Soon the scorching hot days of Summer will arrive so I’m utilising the cooler days now.

Christmas! How are you preparations for the Season coming along?

I’ve done zip, zilch, nothing! Christmas is at our place this year so I best get my skates on! I began to scribble a list this morning, I’m guessing I’m not the only one who is a little disorganised this year so I’ll be sharing my Christmas A to Z, It’s a Wrap! list. I’ll be running like the wind Bullseye, so to speak, so I’ll be posting a few ‘to do’s’ and checking them off each day.

Happy snaps of our days in Hong Kong are over on Flickr if you’d like to take a peek. I’ll share the highlights over the next few days.

A new board is ready and waiting to be filled over on iCrochet!

Happy December everyone, let the festivities begin!



5 Comments on “Hello!

  1. Hi Sarah and Greetings from Saratoga Springs, New York – USA! Have missed your posts.
    I have started a new blog myself and would love for you to check it out. I began “365 Days of Creativity” on November 16 meaning I have to do something or come up with a creative idea that I plan to implement every day. I am blogging my creative journey and would love for you to join me.
    I am also crocheting for my shop on Etsy. Fun with crochet and color!
    My Blog is: beaulahscrochetfantasies/blogspot.com
    My Etsy Shop is: http://www.etsy.com/shop/blissfullycrocheted

    Our winter begins next but we are having unseasonably warm weather for November so it has been nice. Hope you had a fabulous time in Hong Kong. I have a friend from here that just returned from Hong Kong, Viet Nam and Cambodia and had a great time.
    Pat (Friesen)
    How is your Crochet a Rainbow project coming along?

  2. Sarah Your home yeah will you be showing crochet pieces from there? or pics about them from Hong Kong? or artist what did you do there thanx so much for the site and Happy Holidays too Renee

  3. Welcome back home, Sarah! It is great that at the beginning of December you will be working in garden and having Christmas during summer 🙂 Till now I never realized where you live 🙂
    Can I ask how does it feel to spend Christmas in summer? Any difference to winter Christmas feeling in the heart and mood?
    I wish you lots of strength and fun for managing everything that you have on your list for preparing celebrations!

  4. I am constantly returning to your ‘Posts’ to look at the wonderful things you have made. When I’m feeling low (my daughter having recently relocated to the US) they cheer me up and looking at them gives me a great deal of pleasure. Thank you.

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