A is for Angel

What do you top your Christmas Tree with, an angel, a star or something else?


10 Comments on “A is for Angel

  1. I don’t put anything on top of my Christmas tree, because I don’t put up any Christmas tree anymore. I got fed up of doing all the decorating alone every year, and being the only one to take it all down and stow it for another year. I gave the whole lot of decorations to a larger, more decorous family to enjoy.

  2. An Angel that was the one my Mother had on the tree when we were growing up.

  3. some years I use an angel, some years I use a star… but I always use one of the two.

  4. For the longest time, we had an angel to put on top of our tree. She was starting to come apart so we got a cool looking curvy topper (hard to explain the shape). Unfortunately, that broke last year as my brother was taking it out, so we got a cute little star to top our tree last year.

  5. We have a beautiful resin angel that we put on the top of our tree, she’s a bit heavy so sometimes if our tree is a little feeble we have a lovely beaded star!

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