@ Purl Soho

So I said the other day that I’d show you my purchases from Purl Soho when I was there earlier this year.

So what did I buy ? ? ? Skeins of yarn of course!

And I couldn’t resist a Bunny Finger Puppet Kit! When we spotted the bunny on the counter we thought what a great token since we were in NYC at Easter time.

All the kits had sold out, but one of the lovely girls working there made a brand new kit up for us on the spot, so very kind of her! And they also let us deposit all of our shopping bags behind the counter while we browsed and absorbed all the colour, the fabric, the yarn, the threads . . . it was heaven!

As of yet no bunnies have been made, we are going to crack open the kit next Easter and I haven’t even a project in mind for the gorgeous skeins of yarn, for now I’m just enjoying looking at them piled in a bowl on the coffee table!

I just checked and the Bunny Kits are showing as available on the Purl website if you’re interested in getting a head start on Easter 2012!

I forgot to mention if you’d like to own the original Mabel, Ethel, Radiant Sunbeams, Sunburst cushion etc I’ve listed them on Ebay, available now!


4 Comments on “@ Purl Soho

  1. Gorgeous yarns Sarah. Are they hand dyed? Love the bunny!

  2. Hi Sarah! Wow! You must have had an absolute ball!!! Your purchases and pics are just gorgeous!
    Love, Penni x

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