pom poms galore

I’ve been making pom poms, quite a few of them . . . so very addictive!

Over on Flickr someone asked, how do you tie them so tight?

Well, the Clover Pom Pom Makers make making pom poms so easy!

I have three different sizes. The two smaller ones I purchased from Purl when I was there earlier this year (I don’t think I got around to showing you my purchases, I’ll save that for another post) and the larger one I recently purchased from my local yarn store.

Basically you wrap, wrap, wrap . . .

then you cut, cut, cut . . .

then tie and remove the pom pom . . . easy!

So what’s with all the poms you might be thinking . . . my plans are to make a pom pom scarf using the large ginormous pom poms. I’m in no rush, I’ve set a target to make one large one per day.

With the other pom poms I’ve been adorning, tea cozies and christmas stockings with them, more about that later, and I’ve also nearly made enough to begin stringing a garland!

13 Comments on “pom poms galore

  1. Local yarn stores stock them also larger craft chain stores stock them and you could also purchase them via Ebay.

  2. These are a great idea and so easy to use.
    I believe there’s a heart shaped one to

  3. That’s right Thelma, there are heart shaped ones available also . . . perfect for a Valentine’s Day garland I’m thinking!

  4. I was the one who asked over on flickr! LOL! I feel sort of famous by association at this point. I have two teeny clover pompom makers, I need to get a couple of the bigger ones too. These are beautiful pompoms!!

  5. Hi Sarah, I love those pom poms. wonder if i can find a popm pom winder?
    Also love your tea cozys and xmas stockings. You have got me excited for Christmas.

  6. Just GORGEOUS Sarah!!!!!! I can’t wIT TO GET A POM POM MAKER NOW!!!

    Blessings! Penni xxx

  7. Bellissimi i colori ma soprattutto lo strumento che utilizzi per fare i pompon dove lo posso acquistare?In Italia non l’ho mai visto, mi indichi un sito internet per acquistarlo,grazie anticipatoMaria

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