@ 88

{My Nans latest crocheted blanket, fresh off the hook!}

At 88, nearly 89, I hope to be still hooking too!

Be back soon to announce the winner of Granny Square Love + Yarns!

x Sarah


19 Comments on “@ 88

  1. This is just so wonderful! I love how people find things to keep them young and going in life. Wonderful work on the blanket it’s very pretty. I wish I still had my grandparents to share my life with. It’s so great that you have this wonderful relationship.

  2. Que maravilla!!!! mi suegra también a sus 87 sigue bordando su punto de cruz, lo cual nos dice que la edad no importa, a mí me gustaría seguir su ejemplo, sobre todo su carita feliz.

  3. Me too want to crochet forever and ever! What a treat to have old Nan around still. ANd she looks fantastic. I would never have guessed she is a day over 75! 😀

  4. How absolutely wonderful! Your Nan looks amazing! Good on her for making such a beautiful blanket.Very inspirational to us all.

  5. it’s a beautiful blanket! my mom is 89. was an artist til she lost most of her vision to wet macular degeneration. so glad your nan can still see to crochet.

    jd in st louis

  6. Such a beautiful blanket. Your nan seems so young and sweet, it is so wonderful that she is still hooking. Hope I am still hooking at her age also. Have a great week.

    Misty and Pets.

  7. What a lovely blanket. I love the flowers in the middle. I’m making two babyblankets with this flower. They’re such fun to crochet! 🙂

  8. hi sarah and nan,
    the rug is very beautiful. love the colours.
    i have the rug that my gran was working on when she
    passed away.received your book sarah i loooooove it.
    thank you so much for sharing.
    kindest regards

  9. Hi Sarah!
    What a beautiful Nan you have! Her crochet work is just AMAZING!!!! Please tell her that from me. I really miss my Nan. She too did gorgeous crochet work. Sadly she passed (aged 83) just after my Mum (who had just turned 61 a week prior) six years ago. Love, Penni xxx

  10. What a lovely post and what a beautiful blanket! It has brought back lovely memories of my nana teaching me to crochet when I was little and all the lovely blankets she made. Have a lovely week!

  11. What is your favourite square joining technique Sarah’s Grandma?

  12. This is so beautiful. I hope that for myself as well.

  13. Dear Sarah, make the most of your Nan. My Nona is 88 and currently in hospital with a failing heart, fluid buildup and bacteria infection as a result. Sadly, when I speak to her now, she can’t talk for long asa she runs out of breath. Nona immigrated to Oz in the 50’s and raised 3 kids by herself working simultaneous jobs. In what little spare time she had, she would make clothes, embroider and crochet. She never really mastered the art of knitting! She recently crocheted me a beautiful scarf for my birthday which I will treasure.

  14. my grandma is 90 and now, when she can’t see too much is knitting instead crocheting…
    the most important thing is not stopping


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