We have had a beautifully long, wet, weekend. We did have plans to spend it at Port Macquarie, the sun, the sea, walks along the beach, but due to forecasted showers we decided to stay home. Never the less, despite the rain we managed to mow the lawn, weed the garden (my hydrangeas are coming into bloom!), took umpteen bags of de-cluttered trash to the dump (I am flying again with FlyLady after falling off the bandwagon), thoroughly enjoyed watching Charlie & Boots, as luck would have it I switched on the TV a few minutes into this movie, I had planned to find something entertaining to view on Apple TV, but instead became caught up with this movie instead, so glad I did. I can not tell you how many times I laughed out loud throughout this movie! As I was having our gas bottle re-filled for a sausage sizzle, by the owner of our local service station, I witnessed a man pulling in and grabbing the owner by the throat and having words. Amazed, to say the least, as we live in the country this sort of thing is rarely witnessed. When I asked the owner of the service station what was that all about, he replied that the guy mentioned that he thought the owner was rude to him. I frequent this service station often as it’s my local, and the owner is always is polite, pleasant, asks how my day has been etc etc. So I’m absolutely gob smacked. Apparently the guy in mention only lives a few houses down the road from the service station, the house with all the flowers, as the owner described it to me. It took all my will not to go and knock on the door and say get a grip of yourself! I’ve started walking again at dusk, just around the block, that’s enough for me. I’ll lengthen my walks as Summer progresses. My boys enjoyed a bit of backyard cricket today, also. I processed a stack of Crochet-a-Rainbow parcels. Sorted the granny squares by size, and hooked a few more blankets!

Had a lovely visit with my Step-Mum who has just arrived home after spending 5 weeks abroad. We were all showered with gifts.

My favourite was this spectacular bracelet from Venice. Love, love, love it to bits!

As I’ve been de-cluttering, I’ve been listing a few things on Ebay too. Last week it was crockery, this week crochet, show samples and the like. You’ll find the latest lot of auctions here!

I was happy to be in the right place at the right time to grab a screen shot of Granny Square Love (Kindle Store) at #1 Best Sellers in Crocheting! YAY!!

Thank you so much for all your lovely words, emails and comments, they really do mean a lot!

This week the Blog Book Tour continues, first stop, Crafty Pod. You’ll find the full schedule here if you’d like to follow and join us! Also you’ll find an updated list of reviews, giveaways and interviews here.

Have a fabulous week!

x Sarah


3 Comments on “stellar

  1. Hi Sarah, I have ordered your new book from my local library – I reckon that`s also a good way to get the word out about how much crochet rocks! I`ve also put it on my wishlist from Santa! Hopefully he will oblige! I`ve messaged you on Ebay about postage to UK. Hope you don`t mind.

  2. Sarah-
    Hope you have the new Crochet Today Magazine. Wonderful article reviewing your book.:) I just wish I could find some yarn tht has the wonderful colors you use that is not wool based. (Terrible wool allerrgies). Love your grannies!

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