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Sarah London – Interviews!

Underground Crafter.

Granny Square Love – Book Reviews!

Reviewed by JD Wolfe, Crochet Editor for Craft Gossip

Reviewed by Christine Weiher, Editor for AllFreeCrochet

Reviewed by Kathryn, Crochet Concupiscence.

Reviewed by Karrie Steinmetz, Knit Purl Gurl.

Reviewed by Marie Segares, Underground Crafter.

Reviewed by Diane Gilleland, CraftyPod.

Reviewed by Linda Permann, Lindamade.

Reviewed by Jocelyn Sass, Cute Crochet Chat.

Reviewed by Laurie Wheeler, Crochet Liberation Front.

Reviewed by Holly, Create Loves.

Reviewed by Kate, WhipUp.

Granny Square Love – Book Giveaways + Contests!

Craft Gossip – contest ends September 30.

Crochet Concupiscence – giveaway ends October 1.

AllFreeCrochet – contest ends October 5.

Lindamade – contest ends October 7.

Underground Crafter – giveaway ends October 9.

Sarah London – giveaway ends October 9.

Cute Crochet Chat – contest ends October 12.

Granny Square Love – Features!

CraftSanity Magazine – Issue 4

Crochet Today – November/December 2011

Granny Square Love – Lovely Mentions!

  • I’ve gotten my hands on a copy of this book and am totally loving everything about it. Yay granny squares!
– Kathryn
  • Just had to tell you how much I just LOVE your book, “Granny Square Love”!
    Now, if I could just decide which project to make first!
– Linda
  • I just received your brilliant book for my birthday today, I love it! 🙂
– Vivienne
  • Sarah- I received your book today from Amazon. It is fabulous! The colors, patterns ( so easy to read) and  the directions are wonderful. I love how big the pictures explaining the stitches are placed only 1 or 2 to a page, makes it easy to follow. I really like the way you divided the book into household sections too. Congratulations on a terrific book.
– Barbara
  • My book arrived two days ago!  Congratulations on the wonderful and inspiring example of your work and imagination!  I love it.  Your uniqueness stands out brilliantly.  Your work shines on every page.  You are so inspiring.  Thank you!
– Jenny
  • This book is just Gorgeous! So wonderful to see so many Granny Square projects compiled into one book.
    If you are a fan of Sarah London’s blog then you will just love this book.
    Full of vibrant and colourful projects, the book has a lovely ‘vintage’ look and almost feels like you are flicking through a book from 30 years ago but with a modern edge.The patterns are clearly written and are also charted, making this an excellent book for a beginner through to intermediate crocheter. Each project also comes with a ‘colour commentary’ which I enjoyed reading to understand why each of the colours work so well together.I just love the size of the book also, it is a small square format – just perfect for tucking into your project bag!
    The book also sits open well to make it easy to work from.
– via Fishpond
  • I already have your lovely book on my bedside table, and I love love love it. Granny Squares are my first love, therefore your book is my Granny bible.
– Natasja
  • The Granny Square Queen. The superstar of crochet stardom. Living in the world down under, she makes the most colorful, eye catching granny square creations, amongst all the other stuff that she makes.She is generous and inspiring, encouraging and helpful. Always giving a helping hand with her hook and yarn to people in need.
– Annette
x Sarah

7 Comments on “granny square love :: reviews + giveaways + interviews

  1. I am so excited about your book!!! I ordered mine yesterday……can not wait to get it and pour over it!!! So happy for you!!!

  2. Can’t wait to start making the bedroom cushion, page 114! Will be a gift for s friend!
    Loving this book! An instant pick- me- up!

  3. I’m still waiting for me book – the screen says it’s on backorder, but I have no idea what that means – I just hope I get it soon. 🙂

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