Blue skies and rays of sunshine, another beautiful day today!

I’ve been away from this page for too long, lots of things happening, evolving. Today I thought I’d share a list of random things, a snap shot of life, at this moment.

1. Fresh spring stems, instant cheer!

2. Hope to thread a needle with a strand or two of embroidery thread and get stitching.

3. Soaking stamps. Sheesh, I haven’t soaked stamps since I was a child, thoroughly enjoyed my little stamp soaking moment.

4. Snapping shots of Emma hooking. Em has been hooking headbands and adorning them with big crocheted bows. She wore one to Uni last week and received lots of compliments, she was chuffed. She is also into the OPI shatter nail polish as you may have noticed. She hooks differently from me, I like how her own method of holding the yarn evolved. There is no right or wrong way, I’ve been asked quite a few times if I’d demonstrate how I hold my hook and yarn. I’m thinking a quick video, would you like that?

5. Editing photos, lots of photos. Boy oh boy, how many windows can you have open on the screen at any one time. I’m in the process of finishing a little book trailer for you. I hope that you’ll like it.

6. Weaving in ends, lots of ends. Fresh off the hook, check back later tonight all will be revealed. I’ll give you a clue, Missoni! That wasn’t a clue was it, that was a complete giveaway!

7. I’ve been contemplating doing something with feathers. It’s been on the back burner for months. I’m thinking to bumping this to the top of my list to make happen.

8. I was treated to a champagne breakfast recently, it had me thinking why don’t I start my day, every day, with a glass of champagne. Oh, I know cause that would be plain wrong wouldn’t it, maybe. And if you’re wondering, yes, I prefer my eggs poached not scrambled. How about you? How do you like your eggs? I had to write a little bio the other night and I made mention of how I prefer my eggs, I’ll share it with you soon. If you’ve had to write a bio recently, did you find it difficult or easy? I found it slightly difficult to be honest, hence the mention of eggs. I found I had kinda lost sight of myself over the last few years, ok who are we kidding over the last 15 years probably, in all honesty. I know we are continually evolving but some days I look in the mirror and I think where has that girl gone, the one who had no fear, the happy go lucky one, the fly by the seat of her pants kinda gal. Oh, yeah, harsh reality set in, the real world, the grown up world, the reality that all that you know can change in an instant!

9. On my iPad I’m reading Married to Bhutan and also Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui. Oh Lordy, clutter, clutter and more clutter, I’m drowning in it! I have my theories of why but I’m on a mission to clear it out. If you follow me on Twitter then you’ll know I’m flying again after falling off the bandwagon. I’m shining my sink and putting out hotspots.

10. I’ve dabbled on and off with Feng Shui over the years, I decided to Feng Shui the place again and I began when the boys went camping last month, they came home to find that I’d marked out a grid with masking tape in the living room and had stuck post it notes on the walls in each section with scribbled notes. When my husband walked in the door he said what are you doing and looked at me as if I was crazy. Feng shui-ing again, Feng shui-ing can’t you see. It’s a work in progress but I’m making my way through each room s.l.o.w.l.y.

11. It must have been my lucky day the other day, I walked in to Spotlight unaware that there was a 40% off sale on all yarn! Yip, I made two journey’s to the check out. No grand plans, just stocking the stash.

12. I do though have grand plans of sewing a few frocks for Summer. Seven in fact, one for each day of the week. The Kwik Sew 3521 had my name written all over it. Watch this space.

13. Granny squares, fabulous granny squares are continually arriving for Crochet-A-Rainbow, a big thank you to everyone, your support is amazing! The latest parcel to arrive was from Thelma, hello Thelma! I’m still frantically hooking all the squares together as quick as I can in between everything else.

There’s so much happening over the next few weeks, my book tour will begin very soon, so exciting! A special mention to those who have already purchased Granny Square Love. I’ve received many emails and messages, thank you, I’m slowly replying to each and everyone of you, and book reviews are beginning to appear online, it’s all happening all at once! I’ve spent the last few weeks doing online interviews, Q + A’s, they will all begin appearing very soon. If you’ve purchased Granny Square Love whether it be in Kindle form or hard copy then please keep your proof of purchase, I have something very exclusive planned for you in a few weeks time!

I haven’t been around to comment lately, so I thought a few special shout outs to blog posts, firstly, Rie uploaded a fabulous pic of her crocheted cot blanket to iCrochet, let’s spur her on to see it finished! Pop on over and type words of encouragement!

Cathy wrote a beautifully penned post here. And Pip is hooking up a storm with her freeform stitches.

What’s making your day shine today?

See you back here soon with a quick free pattern, my ode-to Missoni!

4 Comments on “Randomness

  1. This was a lovely post, and I would love to know who it is from, but actually I have no idea. The address just says wordpress and I can’t see any other identification. Maybe just a quick name would help.

  2. That blue nail polish is amazing!!!!! Love your currrent events photos – but maybe one of Em in her great headband could be added?

  3. If you are in the notion of making demo videos I would love to see how you begin and end the rounds of a basic granny square. When I use the same color for multiple rounds my granny’s always look as if they are ’tilting’. Would love to know how to avoid this.

    Naples, FL

  4. Great post Sarah! I was wondering if it’s not too late to send you a few of my crochet a rainbow grannies. It might take a couple of weeks. The Saudi post is not so great.Would that be ok? I’d love to see a video. I think I hold my hook differently from others. And now I see, I hold it kind of like Em!

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