. . . an amazing woman with an amazing voice!

Are you truly living your life or simply going through the motions?

Make today the day you embrace the gift or gifts you were given and SHINE!

If you follow my tweets then you’d know that my Grandfather has Alzheimer’s, a cruel debilitating disease.

So, my advice is . . . get your groove on and start living the life you were meant to live, before it’s too late to begin!


7 Comments on “Odetta

  1. Gracias por compartir esta hermosa voz, muy lindo y su poncho también, siento lo de su papá, es terrible, mi marido tiene cáncer y sólo los que estamos a su lado el día con día., sabemos los estragos de estas enfermedades.

  2. A fellow crochet pattern designer! I love your patterns. Feel free to check out my blog and pattern store. 🙂 Lovely site you have!

  3. such an amazing talent! very chic granny!
    You are so right about living every day to it’s fullest. Seize the day!

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