take a peek

. . . behind the scenes! It all looks orderly from this angle, a tiny pile of granny squares,

and a pile of granny blankets.

Things then turn into a granny square frenzy! On my table today you’ll find a granny square blanket in progress,

or two, or three, or four, or five, and lots of piles of towering granny squares.

More blankets behind the piles that need their ends weaved in.

More granny squares . . .

. . . each granny square gets graded according to size and composition.

Todays granny blanket in the making!

More ends to weave in.

Glimpses of radiating colour!

I like to make the blankets in a somewhat production line. I grab a handful or two or three from the mountain of granny squares, then sort them by size and composition into piles. Once I have a stack of squares of similar size then the joining begins. Then if I run out of that particular size of squares or a particular colour or ply, I move onto the the next pile. Hence lots of blankets on the go, rhythmically rotating! I then like to weave in the ends in bulk, doing a pile of blankets in the evening. That’s my crazy method, it works for me!

I’ve been joining the granny squares in all the colours of the rainbow! Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue! Along with black, white, cream and grey also.

Hope you enjoyed the burst of colour! In real life the blankets look absolutely spectacular, I love the fact that I’m mixing granny squares that arrived from South Africa for example with those that arrived from France, they are all mixing and mingling harmoniously, the brights, the pastels, the solids and the variegated!


47 Comments on “take a peek

  1. You are going to be soooooooooo over grannies by the time 2011 finishes!! …. mind you, they do all look awesome! ….

  2. Seeing this many granny squares just makes me incredibly happy. All those colors are so bright and lovely!

  3. Some of us just wouldn’t know where to begin! You sure are brave to face that mountain of work!

  4. Oh wow, I’m so impressed! Sarah, you are doing an awesome job 🙂

  5. Oh my goodness, these photos are so exciting! They look gorgeous! I have some squares sitting here waiting to send to you, don’t know if you need anymore?

  6. It must be costing you a lot to provide the joining yarn. Could I make a donation to you to help with some of the cost? please let me know how. Libby x

  7. What a riot of colour – your blankets look so snuggly. I recently bought your Loopy Roses pattern and had fun putting together all the colours. I’m hoping that I’m going to get more adventurous with colour as I get older (43 now so there’s still time!) and feel reassured that I’m not the only one with piles of granny sqaures waiting patiently to be made into blankets, cushions etc.
    Best wishes

  8. Sarah…thank you so much for putting these all together!! I loved taking part in this Rainbow project. All of them are stunning!!!!

  9. Oh my goodness, Sarah they all look so amazing! Thank you so much for all your hard work. Those blankets will definitely be cherished by the recipients!

  10. Woooowww! All those grannies and granny blankets look spectacular! You are under an amazing workload and I commend you for being cheery while being buried under all those piles of squares! I’ll ask too, do you mind donations for the joining yarn (either money or yarn)?

  11. I like blankets too ….you’rs are amazing beautiful and so much grann’s wowwwwwwww


    Marjo’s Cosy Corner

  12. thanks so much much for the colourful update!
    i keep trying to spy my squares – think i definitely saw on of mine, as i do tend to favour the day-glo colours a bit. x

  13. oh the colors make me swoon! i would love to know how to make a granny square and granny square afghan. do you have a tutorial? the colors make me smile!

    thank you!

  14. Sarah-you are just amazing to take on a project like this! Not to sound weird but does each square have an energy that you can feel as you are joining them? Squares from all over the world-mingling together in granny love!!!

  15. How many grannies do you crochet each year? Is there a granny-maker in the Guinnes world record? Maybe it’s!
    rita from italy

  16. WOW….They look wonderful…this makes me so happy…I’m so proud to have been a part of this…God Bless you Sarah and the rest of the granny square contributors!!

  17. I just love granny squares. Where else can you combine so many colors and make them look so good! I’d really like to know what method you use to join them. I have looked really hard but can’t seem to catch on.

  18. Well, what a mountainous, granny square treat! I’ll echo others’ sentiment – you are brave for getting these all together.

    The blankets are looking gorgeous, and I’m certain they will be well received.

  19. I love all those piles of color! And while you’re busy joining all those squares can you tell me how you hide the loose ends? I made a granny square afghan many years ago and my ends kept wandering out. I have a feeling my ends were too short and I didn’t weave them in far enough. How much thread do you leave to weave in when you change colors?

    And did you stitch them together with a darning needle and matching thread or is there a single crochet in there? Whatever you’ve done it’s very neat and polished.

    Thanks for sharing!

  20. This is wonderful! So great to see your progress! Keep up the great work!
    Caz 🙂

  21. The grannies look so amazing. Thanks you for all your work. Shame we can’t help sew in ends over the net!!!!!!!
    Great job

  22. OMG Sarah, boy have you been busy. I am so impressed by what you are acheiving for a great cause…I have grannies here to send…do you still want them? I know it said all year, but it might take you longer than than to get them all together. I am just loving all the granny goodness and the amazing colours. x

  23. I’m sure I saw a couple of mine!! Thank you for your hard work and dedication. I have yiu book pre-ordered & I can’t wait!!

  24. Thanks for all the hard work! You are doing a wonderful thing 🙂

  25. What you are doing is really inspirational. It all looks fantastic!!!
    I agree with the comments on the cost of yarn for joining. Could you put a donation button
    on sidebar. I would be happy to contribute towards yarn. You are doing a huge task there, one can’t but help but admire you for it.

  26. Hi ! I would love to contribute to your cause and send you some squares . Where do I send them to?
    Bless you for doing this and sharing your talent.
    Kind regards

  27. Hi Sarah they look fantastic !! You’ve done a wonderful job !!

  28. good job Sarah….they look wonderful….and you are to be congratulated for such a wonderful idea/effort….they are going to bring such joy to those who need it…xS

  29. Fantastic what you are doing, Sarah! It is a huge job, but with this you will make our world more colorful and warmer.

  30. Oh my gosh! It is such a lovely crazy mass of granny goodness. I half want to be there, and half want to run away screaming from all those ends that need working in!

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