I’ve been pinning away on Pinterest! Come join me!

If you’ve already been pinning away to your hearts content let me know!


16 Comments on “Pinning

  1. I am so loving Pinterest! I feel like I have a group of new friends who like the same things that I do. There are just so many hours in the day to surf the new, and now there’s a huge group of people pinning things, many times at places that I would never think to, and I can repin what I like without all that looking! It’s more fun than going shopping!

  2. Yes, I am! I have just started following you. I love it! Big time waster though, I have to limit myself.

  3. Hi Sarah – I have been pinning. I love Pinterest! It lets me gather things in a place I won’t forget, and I get to see the wonderful style that others have.

    I am following you on Pinterest as well.

    Janice Parker

  4. Hellooo there. I’ve been pinning like mad, and theres still so many things to be inspired from. Knitting and crotcheting are of course on top of my list of pinning 🙂 Even

    Happy pinning

  5. I’ve added you to my follow list 😉 Addictive, isn’t it!

  6. Yes, love it, another thing to loose myself in, loving all the crafty pics

  7. I love pinterest – so much good stuff going on.

    I’ll follow you!

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