Open House

The Walker House, located in Australia is in one word, magnificent, don’t you agree?

12 Comments on “Open House

  1. Absolutely! A magnificent home. Thanks for the tour!

  2. Oh my, what a bad bad thing to show me this! How can I ever feel home somewhere else. This is the beste house/garden/location ever.

  3. Beautiful! Where is it? Is your own house? Are you Donald Duck? Thank you so much for your blog. I like it very much. I’m italian and my english is not very fluent. I like tour patterns and their colors!
    rita bettaglio from Genoa, italy

  4. Sorry. I meant to say Rockfeller, not Donald Duck. In italy Donald duck is poor and unlucky, but his uncle is very rich. Cheers!

  5. awesome! thanks for showing me what Paradise looks like! That would be a great place to relax, knit and crochet!

  6. Yes I think it would be the place for me to relax and get fit after my hip opp next week ah well if only thanks for a peek at paradise

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