Winter Solstice

Today, it’s the shortest day in the year, here, in the Southern Hemisphere.

It’s the beginning of Winter, from here on in the days will begin to be a little longer with the promise of Spring.

It’s a time for rebirth, to start something new, new beginnings. A season of hope.

I’ve lit the fire it’s radiating warmth and an ambient glow and I’ll also be lighting some candles later tonight.

I love to write a few intentions, wishes on paper at this time of year, then place the paper into the fire and say, may it be so!

Do you celebrate the Winter Solstice, how do you celebrate?


12 Comments on “Winter Solstice

  1. Well yesterday was our longest day here in Scotland!
    It was freezing cold pouring rain and quite dark !
    Bet your shortest day was still better than our “Summer Soltice!”

  2. We had our longest day yesterday here in N Ireland and it was cold, dark and miserable, so much for summertime!

  3. Longest day yesterday here in SC, US. It was well into the hundreds and humid as ever. But, I did go for a bike ride when I got home from work until dark. It was nice :]

  4. It was a near perfect day here in Marlborough, MA. Couldn’t have asked for a better start to summer!

  5. unfortunately – i feel as though i’m celebrating the winter solstice here in england!
    it’s been so cold we’ve had the heating on this week…

    best wishes x

  6. I love hearing about things in the opposite hemisphere – I just find it so amazing that the same day can be so completely different depending on where you are! We had a great summer solstice here in the Pacific Northwest – sunny and warm, and the sun didn’t set until well after 9:00 pm in the evening.

  7. Hey Sarah,
    I’d like to get some patterns – are they printed in american lingo or brittish?

  8. Longest day of the year yesterday. Hot 100’s, but no humidity here in the Bay of San Francisco area. I too write down the hopes and wants each season. I don’t throw them in the fire, but save them until the next season to see if any have happened. Happy Winter solstice, Sarah.

  9. Love the website makeover, looks good. It was a lovely day on the Central Coast of NSW. When the wind drops it’s nice to sit outside and soak up the sun.

  10. a bit late am i in responding but still have to post my 2 cents! Today is 82 degrees in northeastern pennsylvania, with ocassional thunderstorms this weekend. I have little cherry and grape tomatoes blooming near my back door and raspberries in my veggie garden!
    time to knit and crochet with cotton!

  11. Hello, your wonderful tree image caught my attention and I thought I would call in to say hi. It never fails to catch me out that there in the southern hemisphere you are a perfect opposite to here in Yorkshire, England!! We celebrate our winter solstice each December in favour of the all too commercial christmas, a family gathering with occasional friends – a good meal, an open fire, a wintry tale and some gifts. I favour bringing in a bare winter branch to decorate with things of nature rather than the fir tree full of glitz – trying to blend what I grew up with and where I would like to be now!!! Lovely to meet you. Regards.

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